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Myth Busters III: I’m Building a Data Lake, So I Don’t Need Data Virtualization

So you’re building a data lake to solve your big data challenges. A data lake will allow you to keep all of your raw, detailed data in a single, consolidated repository; therefore, your problem is solved. Or is it? Is it really that easy?Data lakes have their use and purpose, and we’re not here to argue that. However, data lakes on their own are constrained by factors such as duplication of data and therefore higher costs, governance limitations, and the risk of becoming another data silo.With the addition of data virtualization, a physical data lake, can turn into a virtual or logical data...

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Mesa Redonda: Cómo acelerar las iniciativas de Big Data con Data Fabric (Spanish)

Según Forrester, el Data Fabric ofrece una vista completa, unificada y confiable de los datos de negocio, mediante la integración de fuentes de datos de una manera automática, inteligente y segura que puede procesar grandes volúmenes de información. Analizamos junto con Kellogg Company, L’oréal, Chubb, Campofrio y El Corte Inglés las claves para que un proyecto de Big Data sea realmente efectivo.Descubre cómo:Asegurar el auto-servicio en una plataforma de Big Data y garantizar el gobierno de los datos.Facilitar la reutilización, exploración y descubrimiento de datos para usuarios.Gestionar...

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APIs in the Modern Data Ecosystem

Today’s enterprise data ecosystems look different than in the past. In retrospect, the idea of physically consolidating all data into a single location seems quaint. As digital business initiatives focus on exploiting data rather than merely storing it, the growing communities of savvy enterprise users demand connectivity to data assets wherever they exist. Just like how the Web links data from anywhere, data virtualization enables connectivity to data from anywhere through APIs to use and share data for business processes and AI/ML analytic models.Attend this session and learn about how data...

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