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Accelerate Migration to the Cloud using Data Virtualization

Organizations are adopting cloud at a fast pace and migration of critical enterprise information resources can be a challenge when dealing with a complex and big data landscape. Building the right data services architecture can help alleviate the pain points.Data virtualization enables companies to gain maximum benefits from cloud initiatives in form of agility, cost savings, and more.Tune in to this session to discover:How Denodo Platform's multi-location architecture can simplify and accelerate cloud migrationBest practices for deploying the Denodo Platform in the cloudHow you can leverage...

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Data Mesh: O que é e quais tecnologias facilitam sua implementação?

Um Data Mesh é uma infraestrutura de dados descentralizada e distribuída na qual vários domínios autônomos gerenciam e expõem seus próprios dados, chamados de "produtos de dados", para o resto da organização. O data mesh tenta eliminar os gargalos gerados pela dependência de equipes de TI centralizadas, bem como garantir que os usuários com conhecimento dos dados sejam os que tomam decisões sobre sua função e significado desses dados na empresa.Nesta sessão, Evandro Pacolla, Sales Engineer da Denodo, explica como a virtualização de dados é sua melhor aposta para implementar uma arquitetura...

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Cloud Adoption and Usage for Data and Analytics – Trends and Best Practices

How are organizations using Cloud for hybrid data integration, management and analytics and what are their future plans? What drives organizations to adopt cloud technologies, and what gets in their way?Find out! Join industry leaders and practitioners from Denodo and Global System Integrators, HCL, Tech Mahindra, and WIPRO for an interactive and insightful panel discussion on the vital findings and key takeaways from Denodo’s 6th annual Global Cloud Survey. Hear about the enlightening statistics indicating new trends and a continuation of current trends in cloud adoption and data management...

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Simplifying Data Governance and Security with a Logical Data Fabric

In an increasingly distributed and complex data landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to govern and secure data effectively throughout the enterprise. Whether it be securing data across different repositories or monitoring access across different business units, the proliferation of data technologies and repositories across both on-premises and in the cloud is making the task unattainable. The challenge is only made greater by the ongoing pressure to offer self-service data access to business users.Data Virtualization allows the creation of a logical data fabric layer that not only...

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Denodo Technical Partner Presales Enablement Series

We are excited to announce a new monthly webinar focused on real life case studies, reference architecture and capabilities. The goal is to provide an interactive forum for collaboration across the partner community.Our first session will be with NA Partner Channel Sales Engineer, Suntosh Murthy. We will review a real-life case study of a cloud modernization initiative. We will also review some new capabilities in the Denodo Platform.This is intended to be a collaborative interactive session. Please join and participate with questions, comments and feedback.

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Does Data Virtualization Bridge The Gap with Customer 360 Views?

Podcast Guest: Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing (EMEA & LATAM) at Denodo

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Is Cloud Data Integration the Secret to Alleviating Data Connectivity Woes?

Podcast Guest: Sutender Mehta, Product Marketing Manager (EMEA & LATAM), Denodo

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Logical Data Fabric Powered by Data Virtualization: An Overview

According to a recent Forrester survey, while 85% of organizations want to improve their use of data insights in their decision making, 91% of the respondents report that they are not able to improve upon their data-driven decision making.The problem - organizations often turn to the data lakes, data lake houses, cloud data warehouses etc. as their monolithic data repository, for all of their data and analytics needs. But the hard reality is that data is and will be spread across multiple repositories that extend across cloud and regional boundaries.Attend this webinar to gain key insights on...

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Denodo on Cloud Marketplaces: How to Accelerate & Simplify Cloud Data Integration in a Cost-effective Way?

Podcast Guest: Mitesh Shah, Senior Cloud Product Manager & Cloud Evangelist, Denodo

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Discovery Session: Virtualización de Datos

¿Eres director de TI, arquitecto, científico de datos, analista de datos o CDO?Únete a esta sesión online de 1,5 horas para descubrir en qué consiste la virtualización de datos, cómo funciona y los beneficios que puede brindar a tu organización.El programa incluirá una introducción a la virtualización de datos, los principales casos de uso, estudios de casos de clientes europeos y una demostración en vivo guiada paso a paso de las características de Denodo Platform con nuestra versión gratuita basada en la nube: Denodo Test Drive.

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