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Demo: Cloud Modernization and Data as a Service Option

Mitesh Shah, Senior Cloud Product Manager for Denodo, gives a product demonstration of the data source as an API and managing the API via Denodo Plarform.Watch this demo to learn:How logical data architecture can enable organizations to transition data faster to the cloud with zero downtime and ultimately deliver faster time to insight.

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Cloud Modernization and Data as a Service Option

The current data landscape is fragmented, not just in location but also in terms of shape and processing paradigms. Cloud has become a key component of modern architecture design. Data lakes, IoT, NoSQL, SaaS, etc. coexist with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, ML and AI. Exploring and understanding the data available within your organization is a time-consuming task. Dealing with bureaucracy, different languages and protocols, and the definition of ingestion pipelines to load that data into your data lake can be complex. And all of this without even knowing if that...

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Denodo Presentation: Transitioning to Cloud Made Simple

Denodo Presentation by Mitesh Shah, Senior Cloud Product Manager at Denodo

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Best Practices for Deploying Data Virtualization in the Cloud

Denodo partner presentation by Rajat Sinha, Director - Alliances at Wipro Limited.

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The Denodo Platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Datasheet

The Denodo Platform for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides an enterprise-grade cloud data management solution that enables real-time data integration between on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud data sources with all GCP data sources – Google BigQuery, CloudSQL, Cloud BigTable, Cloud Storage, Cloud DataProc, and more, including SaaS applications. Learn about the various benefits and use cases that you can explore with data virtualization and GCP. See how the Denodo Platform for GCP can be deployed in the Google Cloud to support a distributed information architecture, including pay as you...

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Modernizing Data Architectures for a Digital Age Using Data Virtualization

Success or failure in the digital age will be determined by how effectively organizations manage their data. The speed, diversity and volume of data present today can overwhelm older data architectures, leaving business leaders lacking the insight and operational agility needed to respond to market opportunity or competitive challenges.With the pace of today’s business, modernization of a data architecture must be seamless, and ideally, build on existing capabilities. This webinar explores how data virtualization can help provide a seamless evolution to the capabilities of an existing data...

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CTO Perspective: Denodo Platform 8.0 - The Next Generation of Data Virtualization

Alberto Pan, CTO & Executive VP at Denodo, explores the next generation in modern data management - The Denodo Platform v.8.0

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Partner Presentation - Transitioning to Cloud Made Simple

Denodo partner presentation by Gavin Targonski, Director Sales and Business Development, Wipro

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Analyst Keynote: Future Proof Data Architectures with Data Virtualization

Analyst Keynote by Rick van der Lans, Independent Analyst, Founder at R20 Consultancy

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Denodo Presentation: Logical Architectures for Analytics

Denodo Presentation by Calvin Fudge, Director of Product Marketing, Denodo.

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