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Hands-On Lab Australia: Cloud Data Integration with a Logical Data Fabric

Join this workshop to achieve the set of skills necessary to efficiently use the Denodo Platform for building a Logical Data Fabric in a cloud environment. Attendees will gain first-hand experience with the end-to-end flow: connect, extract, transform, structure and publish specific targeted data using the Denodo Platform as well as visualize the data using a business intelligence tool.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?This workshop will provide information on how Denodo Platform and the Data Catalog can be used to:Navigate through the data assets of an organization Identify those data assets that are...

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Does Data Virtualization Bridge The Gap with Customer 360 Views?

Podcast Guest: Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing (EMEA & LATAM) at Denodo

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Is Cloud Data Integration the Secret to Alleviating Data Connectivity Woes?

Podcast Guest: Sutender Mehta, Product Marketing Manager (EMEA & LATAM), Denodo

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How to Simplify Rearchitecting Your Data Infrastructure with a Modern Cloud Data Integration

In Denodo’s global annual cloud survey, a majority 35% of respondents said that they were rearchitecting their data infrastructure to transition their legacy systems to the cloud. Such fundamental change to your existing architecture is like remodeling your home – it’s not easy!Many companies attempt to move all of the on-premises data into a cloud object storage using data migration/replication tools, then transform the data in it to the destination format, and then load the transformed data into their equivalent cloud data systems (like cloud data warehouse). This approach is no different...

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