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Ravi Shankar

Sr. VP & CMO

In Denodo’s global annual cloud survey, a majority 35% of respondents said that they were rearchitecting their data infrastructure to transition their legacy systems to the cloud. Such fundamental change to your existing architecture is like remodeling your home – it’s not easy!

Many companies attempt to move all of the on-premises data into a cloud object storage using data migration/replication tools, then transform the data in it to the destination format, and then load the transformed data into their equivalent cloud data systems (like cloud data warehouse). This approach is no different than the legacy ETL approach, which many technologists would admit takes time, costs money, and demands resources. So, how do you effect such transition in a simpler way?

A logical data fabric enabled by data virtualization provides a simpler solution to rearchitecting your cloud ecosystem. With it, you don’t need to replicate the data (into a cloud object store), start with a single cloud provider and then migrate to additional ones on your way to multi-cloud, reduce your egress charges without having to move data across clouds, and many more.

This presentation will provide practical solutions, learned from successful customer use cases, about how to simplify your data architecture and enable you to migrate to the cloud faster, cheaper, and with fewer resources. Specifically:

  • Approaches to cloud transition
  • The simpler strategy to rearchitect your data landscape using logical data fabric
  • What is a logical data fabric and how data virtualization enables it?
  • How to start with a single cloud and expand to multi-cloud without egress charges?
  • Examples of companies are successfully using the logical data fabric for the cloud

Questions for Q&A Session:

  • I’m moving the data from my legacy data warehouse to Snowflake. Do I still need a logical data fabric?
  • We are moving all of our on-premises data into the AWS cloud. Do I still need data virtualization?
  • What’s the difference between data virtualization and cloud migration/replication tools like Qlik Replicate, Matillion, Fivetran?

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