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Knowledge Session India: Your Cloud Modernization Strategy needs Data Virtualization

So your company has decided to modernize its systems and migrate to the Cloud. Or, maybe, you're in the middle of this modernization and migration process right now. Taking advantage of the dynamic agility and flexibility of the Cloud offerings is certainly something to look forward to. But how do you ensure that your users can access the data that they need from the various Cloud and on-premise data sources - before, during, and after the migrations?The Cloud vendors will tell you that if you move your data to the Cloud, you won't need technologies like data virtualization. Is this true? Is...

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Modern Cloud Data Architecture: Technologies and Practices for Managing and Analyzing Data on the Cloud

Data architecture is more relevant than ever today, because so many user organizations are migrating data to the cloud, modernizing analytics and data warehouses, deploying data lakes and lakehouses, and adopting new practices for data virtualization, sharing, monetization, and marketplaces.These and other data-driven use cases demand massive volumes of data in every structure imaginable, together with a wide range of processing capabilities. A well-designed, cloud-based data architecture provides a home for such highly diverse data and the numerous use cases it enables.This Tactical...

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Denodo Technical Partner Presales Enablement Series

We are excited to announce a new monthly webinar focused on real life case studies, reference architecture and capabilities. The goal is to provide an interactive forum for collaboration across the partner community.Our first session will be with NA Partner Channel Sales Engineer, Suntosh Murthy. We will review a real-life case study of a cloud modernization initiative. We will also review some new capabilities in the Denodo Platform.This is intended to be a collaborative interactive session. Please join and participate with questions, comments and feedback.

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Denodo Cloud Solutions

Enabling Companies to Maximize Cloud ROICompanies are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to gain greater agility and scalability. However, though cloud technologies surmount many challenges, they can also present a few of their own. Data virtualization is a technology that overcomes each of these challenges, enabling companies to gain the maximum benefits from cloud initiatives.Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

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