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Denodo & Cloudera - Data Virtualization for Big Data

This brief explores CDH and the Denodo Platform, and how these technologies process, integrate and make information available to consuming applications in a manner that is meaningful to the business.

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DM Radio Podcast - Data Warehousing and Data Lakes: The Big Picture

Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo joined the DM radio crew alongside, Wayne Eckerson Founder and Principal Consultant of Eckerson Group, Steve Wooledge, VP, Marketing at Arcadia Data and Alexandra Gutow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera. In this episode, the discussion covers the question of how organizations should deal with their enterprise data and the trends surrounding data lakes. Listen to this DM Radio podcast to hear full conversation from leading subject matter experts. 

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Denodo Cookbook: Data Warehouse Off-loading

The definitive guide to leveraging big data and data virtualization to reduce your data warehouse operational costs.

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Denodo Cookbook: Data Warehouse Off-loading with Denodo and Cloudera

This technical cookbook is a deep dive into data warehouse offloading - a data virtualization pattern which is vital in a modern data processing infrastructure with a focus on Cloudera as a Hadoop repository. This document explains what a hybrid data warehouse is, how to leverage data virtualization for successful data warehouse off-loading for your customers, and what role Denodo and Cloudera play in the big picture.

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Denodo & Cloudera - Use Cases for Big Data Virtualization

This brief explores 3 use cases that demonstrate the power of CDH and Denodo Platform - Data Warehouse Offloading, Logical Data Warehouse, and the Internet of Things.

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