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Expert Panel: Overcoming Challenges with Distributed Data to Maximize Business Value

As organizations compete in new markets and new channels, business data requirements include new data platforms and applications. Migration to the cloud typically adds more distributed data when operations set up their own data platforms. This spreads important data across on-premises and cloud-based data platforms. As a result, data silos proliferate and become difficult to access, integrate, manage, and govern. Many organizations are using cloud data platforms to consolidate data, but distributed environments are unlikely to go away.Organizations need holistic data strategies for unifying...

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Enabling Data Catalog users with advanced usability

Data catalogs are increasingly important in any modern data-driven organization. They are essential to manage and make the most of the huge amount of data that any organization uses. As this information is continuously growing in size and complexity, data catalogs are key to providing Data Discovery, Data Governance, and Data Lineage capabilities.Join us for the session driven by David Fernandez, Senior Technical Account Manager at Denodo, to review the latest features aimed at improving the usability of the Denodo Data Catalog.Watch on-demand & Learn:Enhanced search capabilities using...

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Expert Panel: Data Democratization

TDWI research finds that data democratization—empowering a broader spectrum of people with self-service data access, exploration, preparation, and analytics—is a top priority. Self-service business intelligence and analytics are central to transforming daily operational decisions as well as forecasting and higher-level strategies.Today, citizen data scientists are pushing beyond data consumption to perform more advanced data discovery and predictive analytics. Developers are upgrading business applications by embedding visualization and analytics capabilities. Artificial intelligence and...

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TDWI Snapshot Series: 2023 State of Data Management

As organizations try to keep up with new data types and become more advanced analytically, they must evolve and improve their data management practices.Numerous interrelated factors contribute to the current state of data management. Many organizations are trying to unify their data for analysis, which may include a logical or physical architecture. Some enterprises are using cloud data stacks to store and manage their data; others are using a data fabric to stitch data together across multiple environments. Some are hiring CDOs or implementing DataOps to handle complex data pipelines.Modern...

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Interpreting Data Catalog in Minutes

Podcast Guest: Varun Prasan Keshar, Senior Data Engineer, Denodo

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The State of Data Management: Findings from a New TDWI Research Study

As organizations strive to keep up with increasingly complex data and enhance their analytical capabilities, they often need to transform their data management practices. TDWI has observed that many organizations are migrating to the cloud or already have hybrid models in place that involve both on-premises and cloud platforms. Some are utilizing cloud data stacks to manage and store their data, while others use a data fabric strategy to integrate data across multiple environments, both on premises and in the cloud.To better understand and manage their data, they are implementing data...

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Virtual Hands-On Lab Australia: Data Discovery & Governance

The Denodo Data Catalog provides discovery capabilities for business users, enabling them to explore both data and metadata in a single Web front-end tool.Join this workshop to learn how the Denodo Data Catalog will make your teams more productive, foster your self-service initiative and enable you to explore and share data. All these things will result in quick and valuable data insights.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?This workshop will provide information on how Denodo Platform and the Data Catalog can be used to:Navigate through the data assets of an organization Identify those data assets that are...

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Hands-On Lab Australia: Cloud Data Integration with a Logical Data Fabric

Join this workshop to achieve the set of skills necessary to efficiently use the Denodo Platform for building a Logical Data Fabric in a cloud environment. Attendees will gain first-hand experience with the end-to-end flow: connect, extract, transform, structure and publish specific targeted data using the Denodo Platform as well as visualize the data using a business intelligence tool.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?This workshop will provide information on how Denodo Platform and the Data Catalog can be used to:Navigate through the data assets of an organization Identify those data assets that are...

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Large Bank Leverages the Denodo Platform as the Foundation for a Shift to a Distributed Data Mesh Configuration

Every day, this bank serves customers across 12 U.S. states with reliable, state-of-the art banking services. Increasingly, this has required the bank to seamlessly reach customers and potential customers across multiple channels including in-person, ATM, mobile, and online channels, with digital services running 24/7 under strict levels of speed, availability, and accuracy. To address these needs, the bank planned a digital transformation that included a re-design of the entire data infrastructure.

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Implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization

Join Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo, and Richard Madsack, Principal Consultant Data Governance at QuinScape, talking about the challenges customers face when implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization. In this QuinScape webinar, the two speakers discuss a common understanding of the term and explain why Data Governance and Data Virtualization are closely related.In this online format, Inessa Gerber explains common challenges a customer faces when deploying Data Virtualization and how important a Data Catalog is, which is usually a starting point when...

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