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Lunch and Learn ANZ: Key Takeaways for 2023!

2023 is coming to an end where organisations dependency on trusted, accurate, secure and contextual data only grows more challenging. The perpetual aspect in seeking new architectures, processes, organisational team structures to "get the business their data" and reduce the operating costs continues unabated. While confidence from the business in what "value" is being derived or "to be" delivered from these investments in data, is being heavily scrutinised.  2023 saw significant new releases from vendors, focusing on the Data Fabric.At this session we will look at these topics and key...

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Is Data Mesh or Data Fabric in Your Future? Prerequisites for Success (INDIA)

In the era of data-driven decisions, how you manage and utilize your data is a critical determinant of your business's success. Understanding whether a Data Mesh or Data Fabric is suitable for you can revolutionize your data strategy, sparking innovation and providing you with the insights to drive your business forward.Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, as he sheds light on their respective strengths, use cases, and considerations. He will highlight the prerequisites necessary for implementing these architectures and offer valuable insights to help you make informed...

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Lunch and Learn ANZ: Shaping the Role of a Data Lake in a Modern Data Fabric Architecture

Data lakes have been both praised and loathed. They can be incredibly useful to an organization, but it can also be the source of major headaches. Its ease to scale storage with minimal cost has opened the door to many new solutions, but also to a proliferation of runaway objects that have coined the term data swamp. However, the addition of an MPP engine, based on Presto, to Denodo’s logical layer can change the way you think about the role of the data lake in your overall data strategy.ATTEND & LEARN:The new MPP capabilities that Denodo includesHow to use them to your advantage to...

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Top Five Strategies for Modernizing Your Data Architecture (ASEAN)

In this webinar, we will cut through the noise and focus on five key principles you must consider to modernize your data architecture and drive value for the business. Register now!

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Top Five Strategies for Modernizing Your Data Architecture (APAC)

There is much hype around new data management approaches, from Cloud Data Warehouses to Data Lakes, Data Fabrics, and more. In this webinar, we will cut through the noise and focus on five key principles you must consider to modernize your data architecture and drive value for the business.What You’ll Learn:Practical advice on modernizing your data architectureHow to quickly deliver value to the businessKey considerations to position yourself for future change

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2023 GigaOm Sonar Report for Data Fabric Solutions

As the data landscape becomes increasingly distributed and diverse, advanced solutions like a logical data fabric, powered by data virtualization and artificial intelligence, become important for enterprise wide data management. In this report, Denodo has taken a clear Leaders position based on its outstanding focus and execution in the areas of data source connectivity, centralized access, data preparation, data integration, semantic model support and data governance.

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Logical Data Management as the Foundation for a Data-Driven Organization (APAC)

While most companies have initiatives to become data-driven, the fact of the matter is that data is underutilized. In a recent survey, 62% of respondents indicated they could not find, access, and analyze over half of their data. As a result, your organization makes decisions using a partial view of the facts.One of the main causes for this problem is that your data is distributed over a wide variety of locations and stored in a variety of formats.Modern data-driven organizations are adopting new approaches like a data fabric or a data mesh to help them manage this diverse and distributed...

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Data Fabric vs. Data Mesh - What are the Differences and Why Should Organizations Care?

Podcast Guest: Saptarshi Sengupta, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Denodo

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Implementing and Managing a Data Fabric: Steps to Success

As data environments continue to grow more diverse, distributed, and complex, the need for agile data management has increased proportionally. To maximize the value of their data, organizations need to make it available to users where and when it's needed—fast, easy access is the mandate. This requires rethinking traditional data management practices.In response, data fabric has emerged as a new design concept aimed at solving the persistent challenges of integrating, governing, and sharing data across the enterprise. Through a unified architecture and combination of data services and...

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Building a Data Fabric: Lessons Learned from the Field

Panel by Sathish TK, CTO at IQZ Systems, and James Barnes, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Enterprise Data at Primerica Insurance; and moderated by Pablo Alvarez Global Director Product Management at Denodo.

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