Lunch and Learn ANZ: Key Takeaways for 2023!

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Benjamin Henshall
Benjamin Henshall Regional VP and General Manager, ANZ Denodo

2023 is coming to an end where organisations dependency on trusted, accurate, secure and contextual data only grows more challenging. The perpetual aspect in seeking new architectures, processes, organisational team structures to "get the business their data" and reduce the operating costs continues unabated. While confidence from the business in what "value" is being derived or "to be" delivered from these investments in data, is being heavily scrutinised.  2023 saw significant new releases from vendors, focusing on the Data Fabric.

At this session we will look at these topics and key takeaways for 2023, including;

  • Data management and data integration market highlights for 2023
  • Key achievements for Denodo in their journey as a leader in this market
  • A few case studies from Australian organisations in how they are delivering strategic business value through Denodo's Data Fabric platform and what they have been doing differently

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