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Simplifier la mise en place d'une stratégie Data Mesh avec Denodo

Le Data Mesh est un nouveau paradigme, essentiel pour la gestion des données aujourd’hui, par une approche distribuée et décentralisée, dans lequel des domaines autonomes exposent leurs propres données en tant que "produits" au reste de l'organisation. Pourquoi mettre en place un Data Mesh ? Le Data Mesh tente de réduire les goulots d'étranglement dus à une dépendance excessive des utilisateurs à des équipes informatiques centralisées, et tire parti des connaissances spécialisées en matière de données que possèdent déjà les experts métier du domaine.La littérature sur le Data Mesh laisse la...

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Building the Foundation of a Modern Data Architecture

Traditional Data Management approaches that rely on collecting data within a centralized data store, such as a cloud data warehouse or data lake, are core building blocks for your data modernization efforts. However, you need more to address the diverse needs of today's businesses. Hybrid/Multi-cloud, SaaS, and data privacy laws are just a few examples of why data will remain distributed.In this session, Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist with Denodo, will discuss why you need to complement these centralized solutions with a logical data management platform that...

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Understanding Data Mesh & the Need for Data Virtualization

Podcast Guest: Emily Sergent, Sales Engineer at Denodo

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Enabling a Data Mesh Architecture and Data Sharing Culture with Denodo (APAC)

Attend this webinar to deep dive into the key ideas of Data Mesh, understand how Denodo can help you implement a Data Mesh and hear directly from a Denodo client, Landsbankinn, their journey from a traditional analytic architecture to Data Mesh using Denodo.

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Large Bank Leverages the Denodo Platform as the Foundation for a Shift to a Distributed Data Mesh Configuration

Every day, this bank serves customers across 12 U.S. states with reliable, state-of-the art banking services. Increasingly, this has required the bank to seamlessly reach customers and potential customers across multiple channels including in-person, ATM, mobile, and online channels, with digital services running 24/7 under strict levels of speed, availability, and accuracy. To address these needs, the bank planned a digital transformation that included a re-design of the entire data infrastructure.

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Enabling a Data Mesh Architecture and Data Sharing Culture with Denodo

Data Mesh presents a new distributed and decentralized paradigm for data management, where autonomous domains expose their own data as "data products" to the rest of the organization. It tries to reduce bottlenecks derived from an excessive dependance on centralized IT teams, and capitalizes on the specialized data knowledge that domain users already have. However, Data Mesh literature leaves the implementation of these ideas very open to each organization.Watch on-demand and learn:Deep dive into the key ideas of Data MeshUnderstand how Denodo can help you implement a Data MeshHear directly...

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How to Place Data at the Center of Digital Transformation in BFSI

Consumers are increasingly using digital banking tools and insurance models, and these numbers will only continue to grow. Financial and insurance organizations have to adapt to the new and always changing situation while complying with new regulations, such as IFRS17, and embracing ESG criteria.

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Design Guidelines for Data Mesh and Decentralized Data Organizations

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards decentralized data organizations where different domains are partially or fully responsible for exposing their own data for analytics.Join us in this session with Daniel Tenreiro, Sales Engineer at Denodo, in which he will share important design guidelines and best practices that can be used to implement many of the decentralization principles, such as the ones defined by the popular data mesh paradigm, using the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization.Watch On-Demand & Learn:Overview of decentralized data organizations...

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Implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization

Join Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo, and Richard Madsack, Principal Consultant Data Governance at QuinScape, talking about the challenges customers face when implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization. In this QuinScape webinar, the two speakers discuss a common understanding of the term and explain why Data Governance and Data Virtualization are closely related.In this online format, Inessa Gerber explains common challenges a customer faces when deploying Data Virtualization and how important a Data Catalog is, which is usually a starting point when...

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Data mesh & Logical Data Fabric : Les nouvelles architectures logiques de gestion et d'intégration des données

HPM Systèmes et Denodo vous invitent à un séminaire le jeudi 24 novembre à 10h à l’Hôtel Terrou-BI à Dakar pour découvrir comment les architectures Logical Data Fabric et Data Mesh, impulsées sur la virtualisation des données, permettent de moderniser l'intégration et la gestion des données au sein des entreprises.Lors de cette journée, nos experts expliqueront comment les concepts Logical Data Fabric et Data Mesh répondent à ces besoins croissants d'accélérer l'adoption de nouvelles solutions et de démocratiser l'accès et l'exploitation de données fraîches et de qualité, tout en optimisant...

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