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Data mesh & Logical Data Fabric : Les nouvelles architectures logiques de gestion et d'intégration des données

HPM Systèmes et Denodo vous invitent à un séminaire le jeudi 24 novembre à 10h à l’Hôtel Terrou-BI à Dakar pour découvrir comment les architectures Logical Data Fabric et Data Mesh, impulsées sur la virtualisation des données, permettent de moderniser l'intégration et la gestion des données au sein des entreprises.Lors de cette journée, nos experts expliqueront comment les concepts Logical Data Fabric et Data Mesh répondent à ces besoins croissants d'accélérer l'adoption de nouvelles solutions et de démocratiser l'accès et l'exploitation de données fraîches et de qualité, tout en optimisant...

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Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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Analyst Webinar: The Role of a Logical Architecture in Modern Data and Analytics

Modern data and analytics requires empowerment of business users who possess domain knowledge and are best suited to have decentralized data ownership. But the current data landscape, which has a heavy dependency on data warehouse, is limited in terms of flexibility, extensibility and comprehensibility.In this session, we will reflect on the findings from the recent BARC report “The Future of Data Architecture - Has the data warehouse had its day?” with one of its authors, Jacqueline Bloemen, Senior Analyst at BARC. Jacqueline will provide us with insights pulled from the global survey...

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Myth Busters VII: I’m building a data mesh, so I don’t need data virtualization

A data mesh architecture offers a lot of promise to change the way we manage data – and for the better. But there’s a lot of confusion about a data mesh. People will tell you that you can build a data mesh on top of a data lake or on top of a data warehouse, and that you don’t need data virtualization to build a data mesh.Many vendors are jumping on to the data mesh bandwagon and are claiming that they inherently support a data mesh architecture. But do they? How much of this is hype versus reality? Is it true that you don’t need data virtualization to build a scalable, enterprise-grade data...

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Séminaire Data Mesh & Logical Data Fabric : Les clés de succès pour accélérer le déploiement de la self-service BI

Business & Decision et Denodo vous invitent à un séminaire le mardi 11 octobre à 13h à l’Impact Hub Genève pour découvrir comment adopter des architectures orientées Data Mesh et Logical Data Fabric au sein de votre organisation grâce à la virtualisation des données afin de déployer une stratégie de self-service BI efficace.Une initiative de self-service réussie signifie que les utilisateurs métiers ont accès à une vue complète et cohérente des données, indépendamment de leur emplacement, de leur source ou de leur type. Toutefois, les entreprises doivent également veiller à ce que, tout...

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Modernizing Integration with Data Virtualization

Today, businesses have more data and data types combined with more complex ecosystems than they have ever had before. Examples include on-premise data marts, data warehouses, data lakes, applications, spreadsheets, IoT data, sensor data, unstructured, etc. combined with cloud data ecosystems like Snowflake, Big Query, Azure Synapse, Amazon S3, Redshift, Databricks, SaaS apps, such as Salesforce, Oracle, Service Now, Workday, and on and on.Data, Analytics, Data Science and Architecture teams are struggling to provide the business users with the right data as quickly and efficiently as possible...

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Modernizing the Organization to Support Data and Analytics

To compete in today’s dynamic environment, organizations need to modernize their data and analytics environments.This modernization includes implementing new technologies such as scalable cloud platforms and unified approaches. It includes more advanced analytics such as geospatial analytics and machine learning. It also includes new paradigms such as the data fabric and the data mesh.Modernization may include new organizational constructs such as the data office and new teams such as DataOps, MLOps, and data literacy enablement teams.This TDWI Best Practices Report provides new research...

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Data Mesh, Why Should I Care?

Podcast Guest: Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing (EMEA & LATAM) at Denodo

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Logical Data Fabric vs Data Mesh. Does it Matter?

Data Fabric and Data Mesh had been trending high in the data and analytics space, so what is a data fabric and what is a data mesh? How are they different and does it matter?In this session, Ravi Shankar, Sr. VP and CMO at Denodo, will address the market and analyst views of these two approaches and how they complement each other. His presentation will be followed by an insightful and engaging fireside chat with Mark L Johnson, Executive Director, Client Solutions at Fusion Alliance to further discuss what it all means in terms of value to the customer.Watch On-Demand and Learn:Concepts of a...

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CDOs’ Perspectives: Unlocking the Data Value: Enabling Data Culture, Data Literacy and Self-Service

Data is valuable, no doubt, but it is useless if you and your organization do not know how to unlock its value. Organizations need to have a strategic approach to collecting, curating, and consuming the data. A strategy that combines technology with people; after all, it is the individuals who use the databases, data warehouses, and analytical and reporting applications to convert the data into valuable information needed to run the business better (than the competition). In other words, organizations need to create a data culture that is enabled by literacy and self-service. But how do you...

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