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VTTI Leverages the Denodo Platform to Empower Analytics and Data Science for the World of New Energy

In the evaluation phase for next-generation technologies, VTTI did a competitive analysis of data management tools. The company evaluated three platforms to send jetty information, such as data about vessel arrivals and departures, to the company’s Power BI dashboard. Due to the ease of use of the Denodo platform, combined with the guidance of the implementation partner, Axians, it took just two weeks to create and publish a data model to Power BI with the Denodo Platform, compared to two months with the competing platforms. The Denodo Platform, with its core data virtualization technology,...

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How to Effectively Leverage a Logical Data Management Platform for Data Science?

Podcast Guest: Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo

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Enhancing Information Assets for Stakeholder Services with the Denodo Platform

Modernizing government agencies and departments can be arduous, but some tend to look beyond the realm of difficulty. Insiel, by laying a strong data foundation, is not only aggressively digitizing citizen services in Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) region, but is also venturing into more modern data science and analytics use cases for advancing innovation and serving the relevant stakeholders efficiently and effectively.

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Accelerate Migration to the Cloud using Data Virtualization

Organizations are adopting cloud at a fast pace and migration of critical enterprise information resources can be a challenge when dealing with a complex and big data landscape. Building the right data services architecture can help alleviate the pain points.Data virtualization enables companies to gain maximum benefits from cloud initiatives in form of agility, cost savings, and more.Tune in to this session to discover:How Denodo Platform's multi-location architecture can simplify and accelerate cloud migrationBest practices for deploying the Denodo Platform in the cloudHow you can leverage...

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How Can You Accelerate AI/ML Initiatives?

Presented at World AI & RPA Show, MalaysiaTo support machine learning, many organizations leverage data lakes, as they can collect large volumes of data from multiple sources, including structured and unstructured sources, and store the data in its original format. However, storing data in different formats does not necessarily facilitate discovery, as data in different formats must first be integrated before it can be leveraged for machine learning. Due to the increasingly distributed nature of data infrastructure in today’s enterprises, data integration gets more complex.Data...

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Empowering Analytics and Data Science with the Denodo Platform

To harmonize the DNB data landscape, improve the productivity of data analytics users, and leverage the latest data science use cases, DNB implemented the Denodo Platform as a data marketplace for the data science team.

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Delivering Analytics at The Speed of Transactions with Data Fabric

Presentation by Noel Yuhanna, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

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Product Demonstration: Building a Logical Data Fabric using Data Virtualization

Chris Day, Director, APAC Sales Engineering for Denodo, gives a product demonstration of the Denodo Platform to show some of the capabilities that data virtualization can deliver when talking about logical data fabric.Watch full webinar here.

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The Rise of Logical Data Architecture - Breaking the Data Gravity Notion (Middle East)

As leading industry analysts Gartner suggest, considering the increasing volume of data to be managed nowadays inside the organizations, it is time to stop “collecting” the data into a central repository and start “connecting” to the data at the sources. The rise of new data architectures paradigms, as the Logical Data Fabric, facilitates this approach by gaining a virtual view of the data.With so much valuable data potentially available, it can be frustrating for organizations to discover that they can’t easily work with it because it’s stuck in disconnected silos. Limited data access is a...

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Building a Logical Data Fabric using Data Virtualization (ASEAN)

In the recent Building the Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake report by leading industry analysts TDWI, we have discovered 64% of organizations stated the objective for a unified Data Warehouse and Data Lakes is to get more business value and 84% of organizations polled felt that a unified approach to Data Warehouses and Data Lakes was either extremely or moderately important.In this session, you will learn how your organization can apply a logical data fabric and the associated technologies of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data virtualization can reduce time to value....

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