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MasterClass Series: Unlocking Data Sharing Velocity with Data Virtualization

Join us for an exciting webinar that delves into the world of data sharing and its pivotal role in accelerating data-driven decisions. In an era where every second counts, we’ll showcase how data virtualization acts as the indispensable bridge between disparate data sources and swift consumption.During this webinar, you’ll see:

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Fast track to Law 25 Compliance

Under Quebec’s Law 25, many new obligations come into effect as of September 22, 2023 regarding the handling and governance of personal information. Is your organization ready?Denodo and Data Sentinel are two technology companies that have joined forces to provide a solution to many of the underlying issues associated with personal information stewardship. Please watch this webinar to learn:The provisions that go into effect on September 22 and their impact on your organization.How Automated Data Mapping can help you to implement your privacy program accurately and rapidly by:Automating the...

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Taking a data and evidence-based approach to overcome mental healthcare challenges

With a growing emphasis on evidence-based decision-making, it has become imperative for data decision makers in local government and police departments in the UK to understand and leverage the power of data to drive positive change.In this paper, Simon Clifford from our partners at Cliff42 and Lloyd Rushton-Jones explore the possibility of increased data sharing and the improvements that could be made to the care of vulnerable people.

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How Semantics Simplifies Data Sharing at an Enterprise Level

Semantics has been a topic often associated with academia with little impact in the analytics world. However, that tendency is starting to change, fueled by self-service and data democratization initiatives that broaden the scope of who’s accessing data and what those users expect.In this session, Pablo Alvarez, Global Director of Product Management, takes you for a deep dive into the exciting uses of semantics in data management. He will discuss why semantics is important for your data strategy, and how it can radically change your approach to managing things like self service, security, and...

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