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¿Cómo implementar la analítica empresarial en tiempo real? (Spanish)

Las técnicas de análisis en tiempo real prometen enriquecer los análisis tradicionales de datos en tiempo real. Esto es clave para muchos escenarios, como la gestión de la cadena de suministro o la atención al cliente. La virtualización de datos es bien conocida por ofrecer conectividad en tiempo real a diversas fuentes y capacidades de federación: los dos ingredientes básicos para la analítica en tiempo real. Sin embargo, construir una estrategia en torno a estos conceptos puede ser un reto. A menudo se menciona el impacto de las fuentes de datos delicadas, la seguridad y los problemas de...

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Holistically Unifying Data for Better Analytics and Access in Real-Time with Data Virtualisation (ASEAN)

The acceleration of digital transformation is no longer an option but a “must-have” element to strive as an organisation. The pandemic has proven that digital maturity drives businesses to pivot through applications and other go-to-market tools.In today’s business climate, many organisations still face challenges as they rely on established systems that are often not only poorly integrated but also highly resistant to modernization without downtime. Hence, the need for a logical data layer that integrates data siloed across all enterprise disparate systems in real-time to convert data into...

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Redefining Digital Transformation with Data Virtualization (APAC)

The onset of the pandemic witnessed acceleration in digital transformation of major sectors, especially financial services. Financial establishments are redefining the digital customer journey by understanding the customers’ changing priorities and preferences, providing innovative and personalized offerings with an integrated digital framework.The importance of focus on data privacy grows by the second with the world shifting to hybrid modes of working and introduction of new laws across countries. The increasing cost and complexities of evolving regulatory compliances are posing new...

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Data Services and the Modern Data Ecosystem (ASEAN)

Digital Transformation has changed IT the way information services are delivered. The pace of business engagement, the rise of Digital IT (formerly known as “Shadow IT), has also increased demands on IT, especially in the area of Data Management.Data Services exploits widely adopted interoperability standards, providing a strong framework for information exchange but also has enabled growth of robust systems of engagement that can now exploit information that was normally locked away in some internal silo with Data Virtualization.We will discuss how a business can easily support and manage a...

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Modernising Data Architecture Using Data Virtualization (Australia)

Presented at IDC CIO Summit 2021 (Australia)Ongoing digital transformation is generating new data assets that have the potential of offering organisations unprecedented insights into operations, business processes, customer behavior, the competition, and much more. But, if organisations cannot effectively access, integrate, and govern the data that is distributed across on-premises and multiple cloud providers’ data platforms, they are doomed to fall short of realising its value. Enterprise data hubs and data fabrics - built on Data Virtualization capabilities - can avoid the traditional...

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Data Virtualization ROI – Impact on Customer Organizations (APAC)

Presented at Data ROI Online APACGartner has predicted that organizations using Data Virtualization will spend 40% less on data integration than those using traditional technologies. Some of the Denodo customers have experienced time-to-deliver improvements of up to 90% within their data provisioning processes and cost savings of 50% or more. Join us for this webinar to discover how Data Virtualization can help accelerate your time-to-value from data while reducing the costs at the same time.Watch on-demand this session and learn how Data Virtualization:Has accelerated digital transformation...

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The Rise of Logical Data Fabric in the Federal Government

What is Denodo Technologies and how does it fit into Data Fabric Architecture? Find out how Denodo is a leader in the data integration and data management space and is recognized by industry leaders. Organizations and Government agencies have data scattered across various locations, databases & data warehouses. A Data Fabric is an enveloping layer on top that extracts data from all these sources and allows users to access data without having to worry about where it is located.Watch this webinar to learn how Data Fabric helps Denodo provide an effective data management solution. The...

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Fireside Chat: Driving Data Management Culture Through Self-Service for Business Transformation

Data Champions Online Financial ServicesJoin us for a conversation about driving data management culture through self-service for business transformation:Creating data-driven processes to enhance data quality, reduce operational and regulatory risk, reduce waste, and make faster decisions with more certainty.How to enable data owners across the bank to deliver superior customer engagements and outcomes?Deploying a single source of cataloged, tagged, and governed data to deliver data-driven services with greater efficiency in a secured environment.

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Analyst Webinar: Discover how a logical data fabric helps organizations avoid data silos and black holes

In this webinar, we’ll be tackling the question of where our data is and how we can avoid it falling into a black hole.We’ll examine how data blackholes and silos come to be and the challenges these pose to organisations. We will also look at the impact of data silos as organisations adopt more complex multi-cloud setups. Finally, we will discuss the opportunities a logical data fabric poses to assist organisations to avoid data silos and manage data in a centrally governed and controlled environment.Join us and Barc’s Jacqueline Bloemen on this webinar to get the answer and further insights...

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How to Gain True Agility for S/4HANA with Data Virtualization

Watch our webinar to find out how to lighten the load by redefining the migration process. We’ll show why you never have to burden yourself with “data hoarding” again. Discover how to simplify your SAP implementations, while dramatically reducing your data footprint, costs, management and security concerns.SAP S/4HANA migrations, updates, and conversions no longer require the burden of collecting, managing, and protecting data. Using data virtualization dramatically reduces transition time, data costs, infrastructure and security/PII management while maintaining access to centralized...

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