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Large Bank Leverages the Denodo Platform as the Foundation for a Shift to a Distributed Data Mesh Configuration

Every day, this bank serves customers across 12 U.S. states with reliable, state-of-the art banking services. Increasingly, this has required the bank to seamlessly reach customers and potential customers across multiple channels including in-person, ATM, mobile, and online channels, with digital services running 24/7 under strict levels of speed, availability, and accuracy. To address these needs, the bank planned a digital transformation that included a re-design of the entire data infrastructure.

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How to Place Data at the Center of Digital Transformation in BFSI

Consumers are increasingly using digital banking tools and insurance models, and these numbers will only continue to grow. Financial and insurance organizations have to adapt to the new and always changing situation while complying with new regulations, such as IFRS17, and embracing ESG criteria.

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Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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Innovative and Agile Data Delivery, using 'A Logical Data Fabric'

Presented at BIGIT's World Tech Festival 2022, ASEAN   Ongoing digital transformation is generating new data assets that have the potential of offering organisations unprecedented insights into operations, business processes, customer behaviour, the competition, and much more. But, if organisations cannot effectively access, integrate, and govern their data that is distributed across on-premises and multiple cloud providers’ data platforms, they are doomed to fall short of realizing its value. A logical data fabric that uses virtualization capabilities can avoid the traditional approach of...

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Partner Solution Brief: HCL Technologies and Denodo

Today’s customers are mobile, empowered, and demanding. They expect fluid, seamless interactions across channels and geographical boundaries, and if they cannot get their needs met from one provider, they can easily switch to another. In this climate, smoothly interacting digital services are not simply “nice to have,” they are the exact difference between success and failure. Digital transformation is not a luxury; it is a core requirement. Digital transformation is not trivial, and companies that wish to engage in such transformations will have to overcome a number of challenges, including:

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CITY Furniture: Building an Enterprise-wide Logical Data Fabric at the Core of Their Digital Transformation

Customer Keynote by Chad Simpson, CIO at CITY Furniture.

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Retail Transformation: ridurre il Time - To - Data con un Logical Data Fabric (Italian)

Il Digitale sta trasformando i negozi in luoghi di esperienze, assottigliando sempre più la differenza tra online ed offline. I clienti, sempre più volubili, hanno il potere di ricercare più opzioni di acquisto in breve tempo, valutare recensioni e, soprattutto, vogliono poter interagire con i brand in modo immediato, con tempi di reazione simili a quelli dei social network.Diventare al 100% consumer-centric è la vera sfida dei retailer, che devono fondere in modo immediato e preciso i dati provenienti da online ed offline, creando una data visualization phygital, mixture perfetta tra...

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Your Data is Waiting. What are the Top 5 Trends for Data in 2022? (ASEAN)

COVID-19 has pushed every industry and organization to embrace digital transformation at scale, upending the way many businesses will operate for the foreseeable future. Organizations no longer tolerate monolithic and centralized data architecture; they are embracing flexibility, modularity, and distributed data architecture to help drive innovation and modernize processes.The pandemic has compelled organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and look for smarter and more agile ways to manage and leverage their corporate data assets. Data governance has become...

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Data Virtualization. An Introduction (ASEAN)

What is Data Virtualization and why do I care? In this webinar we intend to help you understand not only what Data Virtualization is but why it's a critical component of any organization's data fabric and how it fits. How data virtualization liberates and empowers your business users via data discovery, data wrangling to generation of reusable reporting objects and data services. Digital transformation demands that we empower all consumers of data within the organization, it also demands agility too. Data Virtualization gives you meaningful access to information that can be shared by a myriad...

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5 Trends That Will Enable Organizations to Leverage Data Effectively in 2022

With data dependency at an all-time high for businesses, almost every industry player is looking to establish themselves as a technology company first, similar to Amazon or Netflix. Organizations have pushed the gas pedal on their digital transformation journey, and now understand that they need to be mindful of how they integrate and manage enterprise data that is distributed, still easily accessible, trusted, and governed.This has prompted the advent of modern data integration styles like data virtualization, as industries of all kinds and sizes look to accelerate change and leverage data...

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