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The Denodo FinOps Dashboard

Organizations must understand better how each data source is utilized, by whom, and how frequently to perform a meaningful analysis of escalating data storage costs. This document will show how the Denodo FinOps dashboard will deliver essential insights into data access by every consumer across all data sources. With such insights, organizations can optimize their data strategies, ensuring peak performance while minimizing cost.

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Mastering Cloud Data Cost Control: A FinOps Approach

With the rise of cloud-first initiatives and pay-per-use systems, forecasting IT costs has become a challenge. It's easy to start small, but it's equally easy to get skyrocketing bills with little warning. FinOps is a discipline that tries to tackle these issues, by providing the framework to understand and optimize cloud costs in a more controlled manner. The Denodo Platform, being a middleware layer in charge of global data delivery, sits in a privileged position not only to help us understand where costs are coming from, but also to take action, manage, and reduce them.Attend this session...

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