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Felix Liao

Director of Product Management, APAC

With the rise of cloud-first initiatives and pay-per-use systems, forecasting IT costs has become a challenge. It's easy to start small, but it's equally easy to get skyrocketing bills with little warning. FinOps is a discipline that tries to tackle these issues, by providing the framework to understand and optimize cloud costs in a more controlled manner. The Denodo Platform, being a middleware layer in charge of global data delivery, sits in a privileged position not only to help us understand where costs are coming from, but also to take action, manage, and reduce them.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The importance of FinOps in a cloud architecture.
  • How the Denodo Platform can help you collect and visualize key FinOps metrics to understand where your costs are coming from?
  • What actions and controls the Denodo Platform offers to keep costs at bay.


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