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Landsbankinn Leveraged the Denodo Platform to Enable Self-Service Analytics and a Data Sharing Culture

Landsbankinn wanted to accelerate its key operational and BI reporting capabilities and provide real-time data for informed decision-making across all kinds of users in the organization. To streamline its data infrastructure and integrate more than 45 data sources, Landsbankinn implemented a logical data warehouse using the Denodo Platform.

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Customer presentation - Logical Architectures for Analytics

Landsbankinn presents how they use data virtualization as a foundation of their logical data warehouse architecture to provide a single point of data access and security.

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How Data Virtualization Support Compliance Initiatives

Panel discussion by: Rick van der Lans, Independent Analyst, Founder, R20 Consultancy; Sylvain Dutilh, BI Administrator, Landsbankinn; Jürgen Bohn, CIO Advisor, Schaeffler; Mattijs Voet, Information Architect, Kadenza; Sanjay Kumar, Director - Head of Data Intelligence, Talan

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Streamlining Governance and Security with Data Virtualization

Denodo customer presentation by Sylvain Dutilh, BI Administrator, Landsbankinn.

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