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Powering Cloud-Scale Analytics with Denodo Data Virtualization and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

Explore Azure Synapse Analytics and Denodo Data Virtualization to power cloud scale analytics. In this whitepaper, you will learn about:How Azure Synapse Analytics and Denodo Platform can enhance business agility and insights.Common Use Cases and the challenges addressed using a logical data warehouse architectureGetting started with Denodo Platform and Azure Synapse Analytics on Azure Cloud

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Accelerate Transition to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Denodo partner presentation by Paul Maher, Partner, General Manager, Microsoft.

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Denodo & Looker - Enabling Real-Time Business Decisions with a Modern BI Solution

The combination of Denodo and Looker delivers a modern BI infrastructure built on the foundation of a logical data warehouse. By leveraging templated Looker Blocks for various data sources, getting started with analysis is amazingly fast.Download this solution brief to understand:The benefits of combining data virtualization with data analytics.The data architecture of the Denodo data virtualization platform and the Looker data analytics platform.How Denodo and Looker work together to deliver value to customers such as Ultra Mobile.

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Overcoming Cloud Limitations with a Hybrid Data Hub

Leveraging Data Virtualization to Supercharge Cloud DeploymentsOrganizations are moving to cloud-based infrastructure, to enable SaaS products and other service-oriented initiatives, and forgo many of the costs associated with maintaining on-premises infrastructure. But transitions to the cloud are not easy.As a first step, many organizations move data from multiple sources into cloud based data lakes, only to find that though the data is now stored in a single location, the data is still organized into silos. Organizations also find that security presents additional challenges, since the...

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