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Enverus Pumps Data-Driven Applications Faster Using Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform

Enverus uses Denodo’s caching mechanism to store data about business entities such as wells, completions, producing entities, permits, and so on, which are exposed as data services, analytics services, and map services. These services are then used by their internal application developers as well as customers to build applications.Download this case study to learn how Enverus leveraged the Denodo Platform to build a Logical Data Warehouse which enables them to deliver data services to their internal and external consumers within a day instead of the 1 – 2 weeks that it used to take take with...

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Maximizing Oil and Gas (Data) Asset Utilization with a Logical Data Fabric (ASEAN)

It is no news that Oil and Gas companies are constantly faced with immense pressure to stay competitive, especially in the current climate while striving towards becoming data-driven at the heart of the process to scale and gain greater operational efficiencies across the organization.Hence, the need for a logical data layer to help Oil and Gas businesses move towards a unified secure and governed environment to optimize the potential of data assets across the enterprise efficiently and deliver real-time insights.Tune in to this on-demand webinar where you will:Discover the role of data...

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Leveraging Data Fabrics for Optimized Oil and Gas Operations (US)

Presented at Data Driven Oil & Gas 2021 (US)Link the design principles of smart fields to outcomes for oil and gas operationsUnderstand how to connect data assets and the associated value chain to high impact operational areasSee examples of organizations accelerating time-to-value and reducing NPT

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Managing Oil Production, Pricing and Distribution with Data Virtualization

As the oil and gas industry hit a slump and faced volatility few years back, companies scaled down their resources to remain profitable. At that point centralizing data driven insight generation on oil production, pricing and distribution became critical. As one of the largest independent oil and natural gas producer, Anadarko chose Denodo Platform to achieve the same.Attend this session to learn:How logical data marts helped Anadarko in their missionHow data scientists and business users access information real-time using data virtualizationHow data virtualization plays a key role in their...

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Data Virtualization for Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and gas companies are leveraging data virtualization to gain unprecedented efficienciesRecent years have been particularly challenging for oil and gas companies. Priced at just over $50 per barrel in 2016, brent crude oil had been priced at $115 just five years ago, and this harsh reality has affected the operational strategies of oil and gas companies around the globe. Savvy oil and gas companies are actively seeking areas of inefficiency that they can invigorate, as often, data cannot be leveraged because it is poorly integrated.Download this solution brief to learn more about:

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Customer Case Study: Enverus

In this video, Jay Heydt, Sr. Data Engineer, Enverus discusses how they used data virtualization to create a Logical Enterprise Warehouse with virtualized data.

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Data Services – Rapid Application Development using Data Virtualization

Enverus uses data virtualization to manage and quickly provision data to the product development team and its customers. Enverus will present how they have created a virtual data abstraction layer using data virtualization and reduced creation of web services for application development time from 1 – 2 weeks to less than a day. For more information on how Enverus used the Denodo Platform, visit their customer page

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