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Logical Data Management Approach for Smart Government

Public sector organizations face operational, regulatory, organizational, and cultural challenges as they attempt to become more agile, resilient, relevant, and reliable in the digital age. For the Singapore Government, becoming a Smart Nation — becoming digital-to-the-core — has meant defining a proven data strategy and innovative mandates to progress toward achieving this goal.Digitalization is a key pillar for such a transformation, accelerating the use of data and technology to become a fully data-driven organization.Read this Industry brief to learn how to leverage data in the optimal...

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La transformation numérique et modernisation du cloud dans le secteur public

Joignez-vous à nous pour découvrir comment la virtualisation de donnée s’est imposé en outil essentiel d’une transformation numérique réussie, que ce soit pour démocratiser l’accès à la donnée en libre-service ou faciliter une migration infonuagique transparente pour les utilisateurs. Voyez comment combiner la donnée de l’ensemble de vos systèmes opérationnels, voire le fichier Excel développé par le petit génie de votre équipe ou même ce fameux jeu de donnée créé par un partenaire externe, et ce dans une expérience conviviale et conforme aux exigences de confidentialité et de performance les...

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Partner Solution Brief: Colvin Run and Denodo

Colvin Run Networks, Inc. is a mission-driven IT solutions provider that leverages best-in-class software to deliver value for its clients. Trusted by the Department of Defense, Colvin Run has designed and implemented BI/analytics, workflow, and data management solutions for numerous organizations. Read this solution brief to learn more about data fabric implementation by Colvin Run & Denodo!

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The State of Federal Data Strategy Survey

The Federal Data Strategy poses a challenge to federal agencies as they attempt to better maintain and leverage their data. So how are these organizations fairing with implementation?In 2022, Government Executive, in partnership with Denodo, fielded a blind survey to see what progress and challenges government agencies are facing in rolling out initiatives in support of the Federal Data Strategy. Are U.S. agencies able to meet the scope of FDS guidelines? How likely are organizations to meet predicted timelines? What are the biggest challenges they face in implementation?  GBC will help...

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Future Proofing Analytics Modernization in the Federal Government: How to Mitigate Disruption while Modernizing the Analytics Technology Stack

Agencies that have had legacy data warehouse, data marts, and analytics reporting technologies for the last 10 plus years are looking to modernize them, especially to a cloud equivalent. For e.g., many are migrating from on-premises data warehouses like Teradata to its cloud data warehouses equivalents like Snowflake. However, such transition is sure to impact internal and external data consumers in many ways: applications not being available due to downtime during the migration, training on the new analytics technologies, and new ways to search, find, and use the data in the new system. Such...

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Federal Executive Forum Chief Technology Officer – Profiles in Excellence

The Federal Executive Forum explores emerging challenges of being a chief technology officer with the technology executives that are making innovation happen.During this webinar, you will gain the unique perspective of the chief technology officers from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor, U.S. Marshals Office, NAVWAR and industry leaders. Learn what it takes to ensure that technology in government continues to evolve.The following chief technology officers will expand on the aspects of emerging technologies and innovation in government:

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Taking a Logical Data Fabric Approach to Data Integration & Secure Data Sharing

Federal agencies have the tools and resources to use data in critical decision-making processes. Collecting, storing, and analyzing data offers countless benefits to federal agencies, including deeper insights, accelerated mission effectiveness, and more efficient operations. How can your agency unlock your data to achieve mission impact? How can you ensure that your efforts to gain insight from data lead to mission enablement?  This virtual workshop will look at how to access data in a way that supports agency goals in an efficient, customer focused, and scalable way.

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Accelerating Data - Driven Transformation and Modernization in the Public Sector

Governments amass large volumes of data, but they are often unable to gain the maximum value from it because government data is often scattered, siloed or poorly integrated and their bureaucracies can hinder change.By democratizing data access and using data more effectively, the public sector can simplify public-service delivery, accelerate IT modernization efforts, reduce fraud and abuse, achieve mission readiness to defend national interests, catalyze massive operational efficiencies while reducing cost, minimizing risk, and boosting public satisfaction and trust.With so much data and so...

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Strengthening trust and secure transparency in the government’s use of data

Presented at Aus Government Data Summit 2022In the public sector, wider sets of disparate data holds the key to improving public digital services. Trusting dispersed data and how it is used is high on the list of public requirements, alongside transparency and protection of personal data.For better access, trust and control, an innovative data management framework is required. Single data warehousing or data lakes are not practical. An architecture that integrates seamlessly both traditional and modern data systems, simplifies data complexity, provides unified data governance and enforces...

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Denodo Federal Deployment Sample Case Studies

In this webinar, case studies are discussed related to mission critical programs and achieving IT transformation. There are factors crucial for Digital transformations such as speed, agility, reducing data silos and reducing churn of data. Data fabric architecture helps solve these problems. Listen to this webinar to know how Denodo provides value to Federal agencies?How getting the right data to the right person at the right time is of utmost importance, and how providing a seamless service with consolidation and migration without interrupting business continuity is at the centre of Denodo's...

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