Not only Accenture knows: Denodo is one of the leaders in data virtualization. Organizations can use data virtualization to deliver greater self-service, so that staff can work with any data more efficiently, with less dependence on IT. Even more importantly from financial point of view; with data virtualization point-to-point governance across data silos to different data and information consumer tools can be avoided, which saves bigger organization a lot of money. With the platform one has the possibility to manage governance, security and data access in one single layer, and the reduced costs of governance have astonished a lot of users. Accenture also supports their customers’ migration from traditional on-premise data warehouses and data lakes into the cloud, which is one of the most common use cases that can be supported and accelerated by data virtualization. Another and to a certain extend comparable use case for data virtualization Accenture sees in facilitating customers comply with SAP’s roadmap to migrate to the newest system generation by 2030.