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Telenor is a global telecommunications provider operating across Europe, and Asia. They must integrate data across geographies for real-time analytics of their entire telecommunications network. Telenor envision a goal of becoming AI-first telco and all its OPCOS are working closely on how data architecture, data management, innovation function, data privacy and security and governance will look like in the age of AI & GEN AI. In the recent use case Telenor was able to integrate the big data platform and its semantic functions with the campaign management and Contextual marketing platform – It was not possible without the introduction of data virtualization layer into their architecture and this overhauling require serious design consideration and change management. Thanks to Denodo, Telenor is able to integrate their existing campaign management platform directly with our semantic layer and big data platform without any interoperability issues between two big data streams .The data at source can be easily accessed through Denodo virtualization layer and offered data democratization for data users. This improved capability has enabled and uplift Commercial and Marketing teams and drive improved growth model, Monetization and new customer onboarding and churn reduction plus analytics and machine learning had help them predict the customer dormancy before they arise. Based on the recent machine learning algorithms they were able to work in advance on offers to other customer. For future, Telenor also identified approximately another 50 cases for that will go through Denodo, establishing Denodo as their enterprise-wide data virtualization platform. Telenor has a big ambition to be the first AI-based telecommunications provider and to be ahead of the competition, and Denodo is helping to achieve that goal.

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