Accelerate Migration to the Cloud using Data Virtualization

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Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

Organizations are adopting cloud at a fast pace and migration of critical enterprise information resources can be a challenge when dealing with a complex and big data landscape. Building the right data services architecture can help alleviate the pain points.

Data virtualization enables companies to gain maximum benefits from cloud initiatives in form of agility, cost savings, and more.

Tune in to this session to discover:

  • How Denodo Platform's multi-location architecture can simplify and accelerate cloud migration
  • Best practices for deploying the Denodo Platform in the cloud
  • How you can leverage a logical data delivery layer to address and augment cloud solutions such as data warehouse modernization, data science, and data lakes in the cloud
  • Watch a demo showcasing data virtualization and analytics in the cloud

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