Canadian Privacy Compliance Made Easy with Data Virtualization

Panel by François Gaudreau, National Lead-Intelligent Automation at KPMG; Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo; and moderated by Robert Eckersley, Director, Partner and Channels Sales at Denodo.

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Robert Eckersley
Robert Eckersley Director, Partner and Channels Sales Denodo
Inessa Gerber
Inessa Gerber Director of Product Management Denodo

With the recent passing of Quebec's Bill 64 and the current provisions of PIPEDA, There are now two Acts Canadian businesses need to adhere. Both will have a huge impact on how businesses that serve the Canadian and Quebec markets collect, use and transfer data, forcing them to provide specific reasons and need for the personal data they gather and to prove their compliance with the principles established by the regulations.

Non-compliance of these regulations can have severe financial impact on businesses. Your most prudent strategy is to start preparing now. But how? This session will address how data virtualization is a straight-forward solution to many of the challenges and questions associated with this new Canadian Privacy Acts.

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