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Yik Chuan Tan

Senior Sales Engineer, Denodo

In this session, Denodo Sales Engineer, Yik Chuan Tan, will guide you through the art of delivering a compelling demo of the Denodo Platform with Denodo Demo Lite. Watch to uncover the significant functionalities that set Denodo apart and learn how to effectively win over potential customers.

In this session, we will cover:

Understanding the Denodo Platform & Tailoring Your Demo to Prospect Needs: By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Denodo Platform, its architecture, and how it addresses data management challenges, you can customize your demo to align with the specific needs and pain points of your prospects, including:

  • seamless data integration with real-time access
  • data security and governance
  • self-service data discovery
  • advanced analytics and reporting
  • performance optimization scalability and deployment

Watch this Denodo demo session and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to captivate your prospects. Whether you're a seasoned technical professional or new to the field, this session will equip you with the skills to deliver compelling demos that lead to successful conversions.

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