The Denodo Platform: Delivering Data in the Language of Business, at the Speed of Business

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Kevin Bohan
Kevin Bohan Director of Product Marketing Denodo

The “new normal” is a world of almost constant disruption, and the companies that will survive and thrive are those that can act decisively and with agility. But this is not so easy when data is distributed across hundreds of different data sources, many of which have their own applications. 

In this session, Kevin Bohan, director of product marketing, Denodo, introduces the simple power of logical data management platforms. Unlike traditional solutions, logical data management platforms deliver views of distributed data in a language users can understand, exactly when they need it.

You will learn:

  • Why logical data management is the only feasible strategy for providing access to distributed data
  • What analysts have to say about logical data management
  • The results gained by companies that have implemented logical data management platforms to meet real-word business challenges in today’s disruptive environment

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