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IT Infrastructure Modernization


Organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructures – which can include migrations to the cloud, standing up enterprise data lakes, and replacing legacy applications with modern equivalents – to enable more analytics and AI use cases across the organization, launch new digital lines of business, and drive greater IT efficiencies. However, these modernization initiatives can take many months or years to complete, often disrupting the business while their data assets and applications are migrated.

The speed of business is faster than before. It is now critical to be able to make decisions on a dime to pivot the business in its needed direction. This is why Prologis went with the Denodo Platform.”

Luke Slotwinski, VP, IT Data and Analytics at Prologis.

IT Infrastructure Modernization

The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform, the leading logical data management platform, establishes a unified data-access layer that abstracts business consumers from changes in underlying infrastructure, while also ensuring their workloads are optimized for their respective analytic and operational use cases.

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Solution Benefits

Facilitate IT modernization efforts through multiple features, including:

Business-Friendly Semantics

The Denodo Platform’s semantic models include extensive metadata, in the form of business logic, descriptions, business names, and tags. This information, though it is meant for human consumption, is also critical for the new wave of generative AI. Semantics and metadata provide the necessary fuel to clearly define and contextualize business concepts.

Virtually Unlimited Interoperability across Cloud and On-Premises Data Platforms

The Denodo Platform supports all major cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and the Alibaba Cloud, as well as leading data platforms such as Snowflake and Databricks. It supports hybrid, multi-cloud architectures, enabling organizations to seamlessly migrate and integrate data from both on-premises and cloud sources.

Streamlined Migrations and Modernizations

By shielding business users and consuming applications from the underlying complexities of data infrastructure, the Denodo Platform ensures business continuity during migrations from on-premises or legacy applications to the cloud. These same capabilities also streamline mergers and acquisitions, which often involve bringing together disparate IT systems and data sources.

Optimized Data Lakes

Organizations can create virtual views that represent the data from data lakes in a unified manner, making it easier to query and analyze information without needing to understand the underlying data lake structure. The Denodo Platform can also automatically optimize those queries, improving performance, reducing cost, and ensuring greater value from the underlying data lake investment.

Comprehensive AI Support

The Denodo Platform's logical approach addresses data management challenges critical for Gen AI applications - including augmenting models with corporate knowledge and protecting sensitive data. Denodo also enables users with no technical knowledge to 'talk to the data,' using natural language.

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Success Stories

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Leverage Our Vast Experience

If you are looking to modernize your data infrastructure, look no further. Leverage Denodo’s extensive experience to enable the most sophisticated transformations, seamlessly integrating existing and legacy infrastructure with cloud data lakes, transactional systems, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, and other infrastructural components.