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As a leading information services provider in the Energy sector, IHS enables the leading oil and gas companies locate and harness new reserves from around the world. As it looked to improve its information offering to energy companies, the company faced the following challenges

  • Disparate energy databases - no global view of energy data
  • Different subscription models curbed revenue opportunities
  • Limited scalability due to high costs in expanding existing IT infrastructure


  • Data Virtualization deployed to provide unified view of disparate energy databases
  • Virtual canonical entities (well, rig..) built within platform
  • Canonical entities combined to build application specific data services


  • Greater revenue opportunities - new subscription models, enriched data
  • Competitive advantage - consolidated view of global oil data
  • Increased scalability – supporting company’s business expansion

The Quotes

“IHS leveraged Data Virtualization to deploy a new data infrastructure providing the flexibility and scalability to offer granular, value-added data and analyses to our customers giving IHS enhanced revenue and growth opportunities.”
Travis Valentine, Senior Director IHS

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