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Mr. Teramoto
"When development was necessary for data sharing, it would normally take about 40 hours, but that was reduced to 4-5 hours. The reduction rate is nearly 90%, which is very significant as an effect."
Mr. Teramoto Lead Engineer at the Group
Mr. Kasuga
“The Denodo data virtualization approach enables data that is accumulated in a data lake to be used effectively without being tightly coupled with the data source.”
Mr. Kasuga Lead Engineer at the Infrastructure Engineering Group

Persol Career Co Ltd provides job-search services such as “doda” and offers recruiting, job change, and employment support services with a total number of users registered with doda being 7.22 million (as of August 2022).

They aim to provide better services to job seekers and organizations with greater speed and accuracy.

Better Service Provision Capabilities

The Denodo Platform was introduced to better manage data access at departmental and divisional levels and to promote secure data sharing. By more effective use of data, Persol Career are able to provide more improved services.

Using the Denodo Platform, Persol Career has been able to connect to a large number of data sources with ease and reduce their overall extract, transform, and load (ETL) effort and cost.



Persol Career

At a glance

A logical data delivery layer to leverage data more effectively and improve services.

Easy and secure sharing of data without data movement or increased management workload.

Significantly reduced data sharing efforts by almost 90%.

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