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VSP Global, the nation’s largest healthcare organization by membership, wanted to optimize analytics and improve business performance. VSP Global wanted to minimize the data replication necessary for the company’s ETL processes, as well as to establish a single point for data access, to reduce costs and enable greater agility. 


Denodo’s solution delivers data to VSP in a much shorter timeframe than traditional data integration tools, which tend to be more complex and limit the ability to iterate using a rapid, agile approach. Data virtualization enables rapid prototyping and the creation of enterprise data models which, in turn, provide data analysts in Technology, Sales, and Marketing with enhanced and timely analytical content.The Denodo Platform provides a data abstraction layer across multiple, distributed, heterogeneous repositories, providing integrated business data in real-time or near real-time, as needed by consuming applications, business processes, analytics, or business users. 


Since data virtualization doesn’t replicate or store data, it delivers complete, business-critical information at a fraction of the cost and time. Denodo enables VSP to successfully meet its performance needs. VSP Global can apply the data virtualization technology to both analytical and operational use cases across industry-leading businesses, to better achieve the corporate mission of “helping people see” by delivering the highest quality eye care and eyewear products and services across the globe.


Podcast: Denodo DataFest 2016 Interview with VSP Global

Interview with Tim Fredricks, Enterprise Data Architect at VSP Global in which he discusses the benefits of data virtualization in their company.

Webinar: Enterprise View of Data with Semantic Data Layer

In this presentation, Tim Fredricks, Enterprise Data Architect at VSP Global explains how to build a semantic data layer with data virtualization.


VSP Global

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