Denodo Platform for Google Cloud Platform

The Denodo Platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) accelerates data integration using data virtualization approach on the scalable Google Cloud Platform and multi-cloud environments

Leveraging Google Cloud’s flexible rent-by-the-hour licensing, the Denodo Platform for GCP is offered at a wide range of pricing options including the number of data sources. The Denodo Platform for GCP offers the same features as the award-winning Denodo Platform. Alternatively, your purchase of the Denodo Platform can be deployed on GCP as BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

The Denodo Platform delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouses, virtual data lakes, and operational scenarios with its in-memory parallel processing and smart query acceleration using the Dynamic Query Optimizer. The Denodo Platform expedites the use of data by business users with self-service data discovery, automated infrastructure management via enhanced and unified web-based user experience making the cloud deployment a lot more streamlined and a big step forward towards PaaS based cloud support. The integrated Apache Zeppelin notebook and advanced data catalog capabilities offer automatic recommendations, enhanced collaboration, profiling and search features.

Licensing Options for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace

Number of data sources

2 data sources 5 data sources

This option allows users to select between two and five data sources. There is no limit on the number of queries and result sets.

GCP Unlimited Edition

GCP Unlimited Edition

This option provides the ability to deploy Denodo Platform with an unrestricted license (e.g., no restriction on the numbers of data sources, rows in result sets or concurrent queries).

Users can select licenses based on the number of data sources (between 2 and 5), or they can opt for an unlimited license without restrictions. Select the best option for your organization, and start your trial today.

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