Denodo Delivers Denodo Platform 7.0 – Redefines Data Management and Continues to Boost Performance While Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business Users

New Version Combines Power of Data Virtualization with Parallel In-memory Fabric and Dynamic Data Catalog

Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit, Palo Alto, CA, April 12, 2018 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced the immediate release of Denodo Platform 7.0 at its third-annual Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit. This latest version redefines data management with in-memory parallel processing for Big Data, cloud, and other real-time data delivery scenarios and industry’s first dynamic data cataloging capability.


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“Denodo Platform 7.0 is fully equipped to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data management challenges,” said Dave Wells, Analyst, Eckerson Group. “Data virtualization provides real-time access to data. Business users do not have time to chase down data from various sources. With data services presented through a ‘storefront’ interface where data users can shop to find best-fit data to meet their needs, the pain of data seeking and data evaluation is quickly relieved.”

With native support for massively parallel processing (MPP) engines like Spark, Hive, Impala and Presto, Denodo Platform 7.0 dramatically boosts performance and scalability of data virtualization queries in Big Data and analytical scenarios. Further, the Platform’s dynamic data catalog feature seamlessly integrates with real-time data delivery enabling business users to discover, explore, prepare, and access data in a user-friendly interface for true self-service. The newest version also includes out-of-the-box integration with external data governance and catalog tools through the Denodo Governance Bridge (DGB). Using DGB organizations can facilitate bidirectional metadata sharing, provide greater visibility into the data life cycle, and foster data stewardship and governance.

“I am very excited and looking forward to the Denodo Platform 7.0 launch that will introduce Dynamic Data Catalog and In-Memory Parallel Processing capability,” said Michael Norton, Vice President of Data Architecture at Bank of the West. “As Bank of the West is moving towards data hub and data lake to bring in parallelism and scale to support our continued growth, we want Denodo 7.0 to assume a central position in our enterprise data architecture.” 

Additional key functionality of 7.0 include:

  • Interfaces for Both IT and Business Users: New and enhanced interface contains specific elements designed for data stewards, data analysts, and citizen analysts. In addition, Denodo 7.0 includes a centralized UI for administrators to manage deployments and promotions, orchestrate tasks, monitor, audit, and troubleshoot.
  • Automated Lifecycle Management: Latest tools and APIs simplify multi-cluster deployments and promotions, license updates, and more. New capabilities help organizations realize the benefits of agile methodologies and continuous delivery philosophies.
  • Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, Edge Architecture: A multi-location architecture for multi-cloud, hybrid and edge scenarios provides maximum flexibility without sacrificing performance, security and governance. This is specifically designed to provide location transparency to minimize expensive data movement between different locations.

“Random analytical implementations lead to chaos,” commented Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions. “One way to mitigate this chaos is to implement a data catalog — the ‘brain’ that monitors the sources of data and analytics and informs business users where and how they can find these invaluable decision support components. The new Denodo 7.0 with its dynamic data catalog has the right characteristics to act as this brain.”

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