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What Is Data Governance?

Data governance defines how enterprises manage availability, usability, integrity and security of their data with a set of predefined rules and processes in place.


Protect Your Organization and People

Data governance has never been more important. With the advent of social media, Web, big data, and cloud technologies, petabytes of data is scattered all over the place, both on-premises and off-premises. Without proper visibility and control of your organizational data, your business can not only risk revenue and productivity loss but also face existential crisis. Specifically, Industries such as financial services and pharmaceuticals are constantly under strict government scrutiny and audit to ensure that customer data is private and protected. To make the situation even more complex, geographical regions are now setting up their own data protection laws, such as GDPR or GRC. Data governance and privacy will grow exceedingly complex, unless businesses begin to take action starting now.

Too Many Levers to Pull

Setting up a well controlled data management framework and process is important for each organization across the globe, just as it is critical to establish data stewards with proper ownership over the data. But mid-to-large scale organizations face many challenges with regard to setting up a centralized, well controlled data management framework.

  • Fragmented data governance. As companies grow and datasets diversify, the number of on-premises and cloud tools and systems proliferates. Each siloed data source or consuming system has its own data governance and data security mechanism, and none are shared across the enterprise.
  • Data inconsistencies across departments. Many departments within mid-to-large scale organizations use their own sets of tools and systems to access the same information, which leads to problems with analyzing data lineage as well as information inconsistencies.
  • Data access control. With too many siloed tools and disparate data access rules spread across systems, it becomes impossible to lay out proper data access rules for internal and external users.
  • Geographical challenges. Almost every company that is spread across more than one country replicates its data multiple times, increasing cost, affecting data lineage and quality, and possibly violating regional data protection rules.

We Have a Centralized Solution for You

The Denodo Platform leverages data virtualization to offer comprehensive data and metadata discovery and management capabilities including data governance, data lineage, and change impact analysis. Data virtualization enables organizations to create central data access, data governance, and security policies across heterogeneous systems of structured and unstructured data sources. Whether some of the data sources or consuming applications are spread across geographies or divided between on-premises and cloud, the Denodo Platform seamlessly facilitates the central control of data governance and security.

Benefiting from Our Solution

Data virtualization is an agile, flexible data integration technology that can help organizations address the growing challenges in data governance, security, and compliance. Data virtualization can enable:

Consistency in policy enforcement

Integrate the fragmented data sources across internal and external systems and enforce consistent policies of data access and data security.

Ease of cross border information sharing

Data virtualization enables multinational companies to facilitate data integration and regional policy enforcement across borders, without moving or replicating any data.

Error free data lineage analysis

For industries that depend on regulatory compliance for success, data virtualization is becoming the most critical component of their enterprise data architecture.



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