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GraphQL en Denodo Platform, een gouden combinatie! (DACH)

Sinds de ontwikkeling van GraphQL in 2016 door Facebook, heeft deze query taal gestaag aan populariteit gewonnen ten opzichte van bijvoorbeeld REST API’s. GraphQL biedt ontwikkelaars een uiterst effectieve data-fetching technologie die ervoor zorgt dat alleen de absoluut noodzakelijke en relevante data wordt opgehaald, zelfs als die data uit meerdere bronnen komt. Dat biedt grote performancevoordelen ten opzichte van meer traditionele technologieën. En dat is belangrijk in een wereld waarin API’s een steeds grotere rol gaan spelen.

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Customer Case Study: UCB

UCB is a global biopharma company well known in the field of immunology and neurology. UCB wanted to build data centric business use cases such as a 360 degree view of the customer, trend analysis in hiring, efficient resource allocation etc. It also wanted to move away from a ETL classical approach for solving its data integration challenges which included pulling data from multiple sources. In this video, Salvatore Cutolo, Head of BI from UCB goes into detail about their data virtualization use case.This customer case study video will cover:UCB's business challengeHow they used data...

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Customer presentation - Logical Architectures for Analytics

Landsbankinn presents how they use data virtualization as a foundation of their logical data warehouse architecture to provide a single point of data access and security.

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Customer Presentation: Logitech: Data Done Right = #Winning

Denodo customer presentation by Avinash Deshpande, Chief Software Architect at Logitech.

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Prologis: How Data Virtualization Enables Data Scientists

Denodo customer presentation by Ryan Thompson, Director, Data Virtualization and Architecture at Prologis.

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Autodesk: Data Virtualization as the Core of BI 2.0 Architecture Powered by Spark and AWS

Denodo customer presentation by Kurt Jackson, Platform Architect at Autodesk.

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Data Innovation Award - Logitech

Avinash Deshpande, Principal, Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Logitech presents their data virtualization use case to successfully migrate to the cloud.

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Data Innovation Award - Indiana University

Kyle Quass, Business Intelligence Data Architect and Colin Roy-Ehri, Principal Software Engineer at Indiana University present their data virtualization use case to kickstart the Decision Support Initiative.

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Deploying Denodo in the Cloud: The Backbone of a Robust BI Infrastructure

Denodo customer presentation by Gerhard Lennox, Senior Data Engineer, 2U.

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Delivering Self-Service Analytics using Big Data and Data Virtualization on the Cloud

Denodo customer presentation by Wang Cheung, Director of Data Platform Architecture, Guardian Life Insurance.

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