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APIs in the Modern Data Ecosystem

Today’s enterprise data ecosystems look different than in the past. In retrospect, the idea of physically consolidating all data into a single location seems quaint. As digital business initiatives focus on exploiting data rather than merely storing it, the growing communities of savvy enterprise users demand connectivity to data assets wherever they exist. Just like how the Web links data from anywhere, data virtualization enables connectivity to data from anywhere through APIs to use and share data for business processes and AI/ML analytic models.Attend this session and learn about how data...

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Three Dimensions of Data as a Service (Middle East)

Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. These challenges include:Strategic decision-making, which relies on multiple perspectives such as social and economic factors that require combining internal and external data.Accounting for the increased volume and structural complexity of today’s data, and increased frequency required in delivering data assets.Coping with data silos that house data that must be combined and provisioned to support decision-making.Exposing purpose-built analytics, such as supply chain, for consumption in...

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Denodo, pilier central de votre stratégie API

L'une des idées fondamentales derrière la virtualisation des données est le découplage des sources de données avec les méthodes de consommation. Pourquoi le besoin en requêtes de données dans JSON sur HTTP devrait-il nécessiter du développement supplémentaire? Denodo fournit un accès immédiat à ses ensembles de données via REST, OData 4, GeoJSON et d'autres protocoles, sans codage requis. Facile à faire évoluer, cloud-compatible et directement intégrable aux plateformes de gestion d'API, Denodo est l'outil idéal pour réussir votre stratégie API !Dans cette session, nous aborderons les points...

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