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Quels sont les facteurs-clés de succès pour appliquer au mieux le RGPD à votre SI ? (French)

Afin d’être conformes au RGPD, les entreprises ont besoin d'avoir une vue d'ensemble sur toutes leurs données et d'établir des contrôles de sécurité sur toute l'infrastructure.   La virtualisation des données de Denodo permet de rassembler les multiples sources de données, de les rendre accessibles à partir d'une seule couche, et offre des capacités de monitoring pour surveiller les changements.    Pour cela, Square IT Services a développé pour l’un de ses grands clients français prestigieux dans le secteur du luxe une interface utilisateur ergonomique qui lui permet de consulter les...

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Lunch and Learn ANZ: Data Accessibility: The key to Industrialising Decision Making

Enabling vital information to flow securely to the right people at the right time is not just important; It's a foundational element of modern business operations.Data accessibility plays a critical role in industrialising decision-making. It empowers organisations to repeatedly leverage data-driven insights for improved efficiency, optimise operations, compliance, and innovation.Join us in this webinar to find out how organisations leverage Denodo to improve data accessibility, allowing decision-makers and users across the organisation to access the data they need easily and effectively for...

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Data Sentinel and Denodo

Partnering to facilitate data protection and compliance, leveraging advanced data management and sophisticated automation

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TransAlta Case Study: A Cloud Modernization Story

TransAlta is an electric power generator company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. TransAlta's IT department initiated "Zero Data Center" project to move their entire data layer to the cloud for flexibility, agility and lower TCO. Data virtualization technology played a central role in TransAlta's real-time data integration, while helping them move to the cloud with zero down-timeIn this video Alejandro Ocando, Former System Analyst, Data Virtulaization, Trans Alta discusses why they decided to move their entire enterprise data later to the cloud and why data virtualization played a critical...

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The Need for Speed and Agility in Business

Nagaraj Vijapurkar, CIT Group presents how businesses can move faster than their competitors with the right architecture

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The 6 Main GRC-Related Challenges and How Data Virtualization Addresses Them

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, (GRC) StreamlinedGovernance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) are three formidable topics in their own right, but they are addressed together because a lapse in one area can create an immediate lapse in the other two. When operating effectively, the three combined facets of GRC enable an organization to survive in a demanding regulatory environment, so that it has a chance to thrive. Conversely, if any of these facets are threatened in an organization, the organization will not be able to remain competitive for long. And although financial...

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