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Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization (ASEAN)

Data mesh is a new decentralized paradigm for data analytics that aims to remove bottlenecks and take data decisions closer to those who understand the data. To minimize data silos, avoid duplication of effort, and ensure consistency, the data mesh paradigm proposes a unified infrastructure enabling domains to create and share data products while enforcing standards for interoperability, quality, governance, and security.Data virtualization solutions like the Denodo Platform have been designed precisely to provide a unified, governed, and secure data layer on top of multiple distributed data...

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¿Cómo implementar la analítica empresarial en tiempo real? (Spanish)

Las técnicas de análisis en tiempo real prometen enriquecer los análisis tradicionales de datos en tiempo real. Esto es clave para muchos escenarios, como la gestión de la cadena de suministro o la atención al cliente. La virtualización de datos es bien conocida por ofrecer conectividad en tiempo real a diversas fuentes y capacidades de federación: los dos ingredientes básicos para la analítica en tiempo real. Sin embargo, construir una estrategia en torno a estos conceptos puede ser un reto. A menudo se menciona el impacto de las fuentes de datos delicadas, la seguridad y los problemas de...

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Techwave Business Podcast interaction with Ravi Shankar, SVP & CMO at Denodo

We're in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever. As they say Data is the new oil. In our world of non-stop data transmission and high-speed information sharing, new tools are constantly appearing to aid in collecting, combining, and curating massive amounts of data. In this episode of businesspodcast live, we will be talking all about Data.You can listen to this podcast in full here.

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Data Virtualization: From Zero to Hero (Middle East)

At the rate which enterprise data volume is increasing, replicating data to a central repository for analysis purposes is slow and expensive which might not even be a necessary part of the data integration process in many situations. With technologies such as data virtualization, companies can now place a single secure virtual layer between all disparate data sources (including both on-premise and in the cloud) on one side and various consuming applications on the other. Data replication for data integration is now an option and not a necessity.Join us for this webinar to become a "Data...

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Examples of Delivering Data to Citizens by Dell & Denodo

In this webinar, industry experts discuss examples of Denodo and Dell delivering data services to informed citizens. Examples discussed include setting up processes for Drone Registration for the Airforce to more complex projects in terms of data integration and management such as information sharing for Pilots about the monthly configuration of airports. Some other interesting examples include but are not limited to data analytics for Housing & Urban development agencies and data management for healthcare systems across the USA.

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How to Gain True Agility for S/4HANA with Data Virtualization

Watch our webinar to find out how to lighten the load by redefining the migration process. We’ll show why you never have to burden yourself with “data hoarding” again. Discover how to simplify your SAP implementations, while dramatically reducing your data footprint, costs, management and security concerns.SAP S/4HANA migrations, updates, and conversions no longer require the burden of collecting, managing, and protecting data. Using data virtualization dramatically reduces transition time, data costs, infrastructure and security/PII management while maintaining access to centralized...

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Self Service Analytics enabled by Data Virtualization from Denodo

Self-service Analytics BI is often quoted by many - ie, allow users to discover and access data without having to ask IT to create a data mart, or by allowing users to directly export/copy the data from the data sources themselves into their analytics tools and systems. The challenge is not just to provide access to the data – even from Excel this can be done - but to do this in real time without creating processing overhead, while getting trusted data, with the best response time possible, in a managed, governed and secure way in order for these users to trust the output of the analysis.

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Maximizing Data Lake ROI with Data Virtualization: A Technical Demonstration

Companies with corporate data lakes also need a strategy for how to best integrate them with their overall data fabric. To take full advantage of a data lake, data architects must determine what data belongs in the Lake vs. other sources, how end users are going to find and connect to the data they need as well as the best way to leverage the processing power of the data lake. This webinar will provide you with a deep dive look at how the Denodo Platform for data virtualization enables companies to maximize their investment in their corporate data lake.Watch on-demand this webinar to learn:...

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Myth Busters V: My ETL Tools Do Everything That I Need. Why Do I Need Data Virtualization?

So your data architecture keeps getting more and more complex - new data sources, new data types and formats, and ever-increasing demands from the users for more, better, and faster data. You're struggling to keep up and your users are getting more and more vocal about the amount of time it takes to get their data. But you have faith in your ETL tools. They've solved the problem in the past and you're sure that they can do the same now…or can they?ETL tools - or even the ELT variants - have their use and purpose. We're not going to argue that.However, they are not the solution to all of your...

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Logical Data Fabric for Building a Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake

Why a logical data fabric is the cornerstone to Building a Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake

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