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Why Denodo?
Why Denodo?The Only 100% Data Virtualization Company.DV is all we do and have done for 14 years. No other company has more R&D, more enterprise-scale customer deployments, and more expertise in DV than we do.A Broad-Spectrum DV Platform.Denodo Platform is feature-packed, but more importantly it is holistic - the only DV to fulfill the "hour-glass" vision connecting Any data source to Any user/application with an efficient middle layer. No other DV platform can access more sources, translate more data types, or output more data service formats. This gives Denodo users tremendous...
Inter Pipeline Ltd.
Challenges“Floating in a sea of spreadsheets” – 1/3rd of the data in excel“Every single piece of master data is causing grief on a daily basis” - inconsistent data due to redundanciesIncorrect data impacting insights and decisionsMultiple upcoming source systems migration and modernization projectsSolutionDenodo was deployed to provide a normalized virtual view of sources, including databases, datawarehouses, and spreadsheetsVirtual ‘right time’ data marts were built to feed data in a timely fashion to reporting processes from data warehouses as well as real-time feeds from field...