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Denodo Platform 7.0 - What’s New?

The new release of the Denodo Platform 7.0 comes to provide some order to the complexity of data management in the enterprise nowadays bringing data management to the next level. In Denodo we share the vision of providing a unified data delivery layer based on data virtualization, a one-stop-shop for data for business users and applications, bridging the gap with the actual IT infrastructure by hiding the underlying complexity and exposing data in a business friendly manner.And to realize that vision the new release of Denodo 7.0 includes key capabilities for making even easier for business...

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Denodo Platform 7.0 Datasheet

The new release of the Denodo Platform 7.0 redefines data management for next generation.

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Denodo Platform 7.0: Transform Your Business with Data Virtualization

Providing Agility in an Increasingly Complex Data LandscapeIn today’s complex data landscape, it is no longer feasible to replicate data from myriad sources into a central repository, due to the associated costs and the delays in accessing the data.Data virtualization is a modern data integration approach, which creates real-time, integrated views of data from disparate, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to support data services for business transactions, analytics, and other workload patterns, without replication.Download this...

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Best Practices for Migrating from Denodo 6.x to 7.0

In this webinar Paul Moxon speaks about the benefis and best practices for migrating from Denodo 6.x to 7.0

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Data Management Reimagined with 7.0 Panel

This expert panel will discuss how Denodo 7.0 enables next generation data management.

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Leap to Next Generation Data Management with Denodo 7.0

Mike Ferguson is an independent analyst and the Managing Director for Intelligent Business Strategies. In this session, he will be discussing how Denodo Platform 7.0 enables and redefines data management for the next generation.Attend this session to discover:Perspectives from independent industry analyst Mike FergusonWhy data virtualization is gaining momentumHow Denodo Platform 7.0 enables next generation data management

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Bank of the West and Denodo 7.0

Today's complex organizations will often have hundreds if not thousands of data repositories, distributed across on-premise stores and now the cloud. For data to become truly democratized, non-specialists and data natives need to be able to easily find and access data without requiring outside help. Attend this session to learn:How innovative marketplaces can aid in the discovery of data.Technologies used and the challenges involving security, performance, privacy and governance.How to expose data assets as reusable services, enriched with searchable metadata.

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Denodo Express 7.0 Datasheet

Denodo Express offers the standard features of the award-winning Denodo Platform to get started with data virtualization. It is free to download, fast to deploy, and easy to use. The new Denodo Express 7.0 builds upon the previous version with the new features from the Denodo Platform 7.0. Denodo Express enables users who are new to the Denodo Platform to begin using data virtualization for real-world projects and understand the time-to-value and cost savings.Download this datasheet to learn:How to download, install and use Denodo Express 7.0 for a first project in minutes.How to rapidly...

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Demo: Self-Service Information Consumption Using Data Catalog

In this demo, Phoebe Bakanas explains how the new Denodo Data Catalog features of Denodo Platform 7.0 work.Watch this demo to learn:How Denodo's Data Catalog bridges the knowledge gap by providing data lineage, descriptions and governance.How business users will be able to use Denodo Platform integrated google-like search for both content and catalog.How business users can refine queries without SQL knowledge.

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Demo: How to Accelerate Queries with Denodo Platform 7.0 In-Memory Parallel Processing Capabilities

In this demo, Pablo Alvarez explains how Denodo Platform 7.0’s native built-in integration with MPP systems will provide query acceleration and MPP caching.Watch this demo to learn:Connecting to Hadoop as a data sources using Denodo 7.0.How the in-memory parallel processing capabilities in Denodo 7.0 will enable you to accelerate queries.How data driven insights can be generated in real-time with Denodo Platform.

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