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Powering Denodo via Cloud Marketplaces

Product Demonstration by Emma Stein, Senior Data Engineer, and Mitesh Shah, Senior Product Manager, at Denodo.

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The Denodo Platform on AWS Cloud

Denodo Platform on AWS Cloud enables users to quickly leverage data virtualization with cloud computing capabilities and simplify their migration journey to the cloud.  It also helps design and implement a  hybrid cloud architecture, that provides a data services layer across on-prem and cloud. The much awaited whitepaper is here to help you understand the various architectural and deployment best practices, including details about variety of data sources (SaaS and others) that can be integrated using the Denodo Platform in the cloud. It highlights the advantages of multi-location...

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A Modern Approach to Cloud Adoption - Data Virtualization: A Case Study

We are seeing a huge trend in organizations adopting cloud technologies in their efforts to speed up their cloud modernization strategies. This presentation by Ravi Shankar, CMO at Denodo, presented at Enterprise Integration Summit online conference addresses the benefits of taking a modern approach to cloud adoption with data virtualization. Ravi's presentation is followed by a demonstration of the Denodo Platform by Pablo Alvarez.Watch this webinar to learn:The recommended steps to take to successfully achieve cloud modernization.The challenges you are likely to incur along the way.Why a...

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Infographic: A Successful Journey to the Cloud

Download this infographic to learn more about how the Denodo Platform can help facilitate your journey to the cloud.

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Integrating the Denodo Platform with Amazon Redshift

Mike Dickson, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a brief demonstration of how Denodo Platform and Amazon Redshift together can help combine on-premise and cloud data sources inside Amazon AWS for cloud modernization, hybrid cloud deployment or any other project involving Amazon cloud.Watch this demo to learn how to:Connect to Amazon Redshift and create base views of on-premise and off-premise data Combine your on-premise and off-premise data to help in your business decision makingTransform your data and expose it through RESTful , Web Services, OData and many other protocols

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The Denodo Platform for AWS

Accelerate time-to-insight and data services with a modern data integration, management, and delivery platform on AWS

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