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Denodo & Looker - Enabling Real-Time Business Decisions with a Modern BI Solution
The combination of Denodo and Looker delivers a modern BI infrastructure built on the foundation of a logical data warehouse. By leveraging templated Looker Blocks for various data sources, getting started with analysis is amazingly fast.Download this solution brief to understand:The benefits of combining data virtualization with data analytics.The data architecture of the Denodo data virtualization platform and the Looker data analytics platform.How Denodo and Looker work together to deliver value to customers such as Ultra Mobile.
Partner Interview with Looker at Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit
In this interview, Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo speaks to Nouras Haddad, Director Technology Alliances at Looker. He explains what the three main aspects are that differentiate Looker from other business and analytics tools currently on the market.Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.
Data Architectures For Agile Analytics
Businesses need agility and speed to outsmart competition. Traditional integration technologies such as ETL, for materializing views and replicating data are rapidly being replaced by agile data modeling and modern data applications.In this presentation, Nouras Haddad, Director of Technology Alliances, Looker will present:The challenges of traditional analytical approachesThe journey to Agile AnalyticsUse cases and logical architectures from successful implementationsVisit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.