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Denodo Data Bites 2023 Wrapped: A Compilation of the Winning Data Strategy Categories in the Data Space

Podcast Guest: Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President at Denodo

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Logical Data Management as the Foundation for a Data-Driven Organization (APAC)

While most companies have initiatives to become data-driven, the fact of the matter is that data is underutilized. In a recent survey, 62% of respondents indicated they could not find, access, and analyze over half of their data. As a result, your organization makes decisions using a partial view of the facts.One of the main causes for this problem is that your data is distributed over a wide variety of locations and stored in a variety of formats.Modern data-driven organizations are adopting new approaches like a data fabric or a data mesh to help them manage this diverse and distributed...

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Approaching the Center of Excellence from the Team Roles perspective on a Modern Data Architecture

Having a clear understanding of the roles needed to manage a Modern Data Architecture would be critical for ensuring that your organization can meet its business goals. Who needs to be involved? What are the roles and responsibilities of each team member? What are the tools that they need to use?Join us for this session with María Sousa, Technical Enablement Director at Denodo, to get guidance and best practices on how to structure these roles within your organization to ensure the most effective use of Denodo and have a starting point to implement your Operational Model.Attend & Learn:...

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Modelation™ - how a strategic data mashup integrates with modern data architectures

The Journey to Data clarity

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IDC InfoBrief: Enterprise Intelligence Unlocked

Assessing the Central Role of Data Control Plane and Data Virtualization

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The Denodo Platform: Delivering Data in the Language of Business, at the Speed of Business

The “new normal” is a world of almost constant disruption, and the companies that will survive and thrive are those that can act decisively and with agility. But this is not so easy when data is distributed across hundreds of different data sources, many of which have their own applications. In this session, Kevin Bohan, director of product marketing, Denodo, introduces the simple power of logical data management platforms. Unlike traditional solutions, logical data management platforms deliver views of distributed data in a language users can understand, exactly when they need it.You will...

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