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Analyst Webinar: Logical Data Fabric to the Rescue

In this webinar, we will hear from leading independent business intelligence analyst, Rick van der Lans, the benefits of creating a logical data fabric and why data fabrics, in general, are the only successful modern architecture for data integration and data management projects. We will learn from Rick how a logical data fabric smooths away the challenges of all of the competing data architectures business users, data scientists, and other data consumers come across when interfacing with disparate data sources in data lakes, data hubs, data warehouses, and other data silos.Rick will discuss...

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Logical Data Fabric to the Rescue: Integrating Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs

Data warehouses were introduced to offer one integrated view of all the enterprise data spread across numerous isolated transactional systems. Now, organizations are struggling with a myriad of new data architectures that also try to offer some integrated view of the data to all business users and data scientists, such as data lakes, data hubs, data lakehouses.For business users, this is far from ideal. If they need data where should they get it from and how to integrate it? Especially now, that organizations want to become more data-driven, frictionless access to data is crucial.A popular...

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Designing Modern Data Architectures for Business Acceleration (US)

This past pandemic year has proven yet again that change is the only constant - businesses are struggling to keep up with changing demands from consumers and digital forces that continue to converge, thereby creating competitive pressures. The need for speed and agility when delivering business results has never been more profound. As more data continues to become available, adopting modern data architectures have become a necessity for businesses in today’s digitally transforming world.Join the leading data expert Rick van der Lans to understand how Data Virtualization plays a crucial role...

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The Big Data Management Revolution with Virtual Data Fabric

When virtualization became mainstream in the early 2000’s we realized that we could decouple applications from the physical limitations of the underlying infrastructure. This led to a revolution in how we design and operate applications in the modern enterprise. Fast-forward to 2021 and virtualization is now being applied to data in much the same way.Today the objective is to infuse data and insights into all aspects of our business and embrace the new data-driven mindset of the modern era. The problem is that our data environments are inflexible and the data requires hard work to transform...

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Win More Business and Accelerate Your Pipeline with Data Virtualization – by Partnering with Denodo!

We are pleased to invite you to join this exclusive online seminar.The world is changing at a record pace and your clients are struggling to keep up. You can help them navigate a rapidly evolving business world with Data Strategy and Data Management insights that are enabled through Data Virtualization.Attendees will learn how Data Virtualization can help transform your client relationships from a ‘just another vendor’ into a Trusted Advisor:

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Denodo DataFest 2019 EMEA Interview: Rick van der Lans

An interview with Rick van der Lans, Independent Analyst, Founder R20 Consultancy.

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The Business Benefits of Data Virtualization

By Rick van der Lans

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How Data Virtualization Support Compliance Initiatives

Panel discussion by: Rick van der Lans, Independent Analyst, Founder, R20 Consultancy; Sylvain Dutilh, BI Administrator, Landsbankinn; Jürgen Bohn, CIO Advisor, Schaeffler; Mattijs Voet, Information Architect, Kadenza; Sanjay Kumar, Director - Head of Data Intelligence, Talan

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What Can a Multi-Purpose Data Lake Do Better than a Data Lake?

Analyst presentation by Rick van der Lans, Independent Industry Analyst.

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Are You Killing the Benefits of Your Data Lake?

Data lakes are centralized data repositories. Data needed by data scientists is physically copied to a data lake which serves as a one storage environment. This way, data scientists can access all the data from only one entry point – a one-stop shop to get the right data. However, such an approach is not always feasible for all the data and limits it’s use to solely data scientists, making it a single-purpose system. So, what’s the solution? A multi-purpose data lake allows a broader and deeper use of the data lake without minimizing the potential value for data science and without making it...

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