Become More Data-driven by Leveraging Your SAP Data

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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham Managing Partner W5 Consulting
Suntosh Murthy
Suntosh Murthy Partner/Channel Sales Engineer Denodo
Darrin Joncas
Darrin Joncas Managing Partner W5 Consulting

In today’s world, management of data can be a major challenge. For many systems, including SAP, data in real-time and integrating it with other disparate sources has historically been difficult to accomplish. The traditional Data Warehouse approach can also be quite expensive to keep data fresh and control access to meet new and future data protection requirements. Denodo and Gateway Architect’s Meister Core™ offers a high-performance data virtualization solution, designed to fulfill those needs.

Join Denodo, Gateway Architects and W5 Consulting to learn about the value of a logical Data Fabric and delivery platform and its role in this new solution. The webinar will overview the solution including how it provides support for SAP Migrations and sharing of SAP data across geographic boundaries. In addition, you will see how this solution provides the added value of improved agility for supply chain management, and much more. We will also share a demonstration to showcase the benefits of this solution.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn all this as well as how the Joint Denodo/Meister Core solution can:

  • Can create an agile, real-time, robust data virtualization solution.
  • Work with combinations of SAP and Non-SAP data in “Actual” real time scenarios.
  • And deliver a true 360 degree view of analytics from multiple systems and seemingly tie that to all your SAP FICO documents 10X faster then previously possible.

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