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Gartner Names Winners of 2019 Voice of the Customer for Data Integration Tools

Denodo’s data virtualization platform scored 4.8 stars, but with 64 reviews. Denodo users were also most likely to recommend the product to others, scoring a perfect 100 percent in terms of user willingness to recommend. Denodo’s score was also tops for overall rating (4.9 stars), and product capabilities as well (4.8 stars).


Denodo Receives Highest Overall Rating in the 2019 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Data Integration Tools

Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that it has been recognized for receiving the highest Overall Rating in the Gartner, Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Data Integration Tools, 18 January 2019. 


GDPR - one year on

On 25th May 2019, the world will note, rather than celebrate, the first anniversary of the EU GDPR. While its conception was timely and necessary given modern-day data explosion and the surge of social media, many businesses have been slow off the mark to comply with the regulation.


How to Configure Multiple Data Sources to Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform

In our last article, we offered an overview of Data Virtualization and shared many of the benefits it yields for organizations seeking to optimize their data operations.  In this follow up, we will demonstrate how Denodo connects to a variety of data sources and what it requires in order to do so.  We will then show how multiple data sources may be integrated using Denodo and then made visual for analytics through the use of a data visualization tool like Tableau.


Data Governance Conundrum: Why Data Virtualization Is Becoming Essential

Sitting at the intersection between IT and business, the chief data officer (CDO) is responsible for enterprisewide data governance and the utilization of information as a critical asset. First and foremost, the CDO is charged with the business mission of leveraging data assets to enable strategic business initiatives, such as driving a digital transformation, enhancing customer relationships, and/or leveraging data to get ahead of the competition.


Migrating Oracle to the Cloud?

The benefits of migrating to a cloud environment are compelling, and the message is getting through to enterprises: According to a recent cloud usage survey conducted by data virtualization company Denodo, 36% of organizations are currently in the process of migrating their data infrastructure to the cloud, while nearly 20% are in advanced stages of implementation.


An Introduction to Denodo for Data Virtualization

We are living in an era in which enterprise data exists in more forms than many IT departments know what to do with.  This includes structured and unstructured data, emails, logs, and more, stored in many unique locations.  So how do we get a unified overview of the far-flung data and manage it in all its disparate forms?  To overcome this complexity, we use data virtualization, an umbrella term used to describe any approach to master data management that allows for retrieval and manipulation of data irrespective of its location and format.


Data virtualisation: The key to getting the most from your data lake

Data is the lifeblood of every organisation, regardless of size or sector. Over the years, it has become a crucial part of doing business and, by harnessing it effectively, companies can use it to boost productivity and improve decision making.


Data virtualization layer feeds logical data warehouse, Agile BI

At the start of 2015, Indiana University found itself saddled with a 15-year-old data warehouse that stored a limited set of operational data and wasn't being used for analytics in a concerted way. Looking to improve decision-making, university officials mapped out a new strategy -- one that resulted in the deployment of a data virtualization layer to create a logical data warehouse and BI environment.


Hybrid strategies are top choice among growing cloud adopters

Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum, with hybrid cloud the most common architecture, according to a new study by data virtualization software provider Denodo.