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Denodo’s Data Virtualization Is Becoming an At-Scale Data Fabric

"If you ask for a cup of water, is it more efficient to bring the whole barrel and give you a cup from it, or to just go fetch a cup of water?" That’s an analogy that Denodo’s Chief Marketing Officer Ravi Shankar uses to explain data virtualization.


Accelerating the Fight Against Network Latency

Wallis Simpson, the former Duchess of Windsor, famously said that you can never be too rich or too thin. In the modern enterprise, the corollary would be that data can never move too fast. Network latency is a perennial challenge that, despite innovations in abstract networking and advanced fabric architectures, will likely remain at the top of the enterprise list of pet peeves for some time. A key element in this strategy is the emergence of data virtualization (DV).



In-Memory Computing for Turbo-Powered Analytics

Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo explains how embracing in-memory computing and data virtualization can move your business from laggard to leader.


Enabling Self-Service BI with a Logical Data Warehouse

Logical data warehousing enabled by data virtualization technology acts as a single holistic virtual repository for all enterprise data, providing a layer of abstraction between data sources and BI tools. Download this TDWI brochure to learn more about how data virtualization can help to avoid creating data silos that can impede enterprisewide insight.



The Expanding Enterprise Data Virtualization Market

This complex, continually evolving data landscape has created a business-IT dilemma in which IT must contend with exponential growth in data volume and diversity, as well as satisfying business needs for access to information in real time, unified business views from all sources and decreased time to market. This dilemma is incentivizing an increasing number of enterprise architecture (EA) professionals to leverage data virtualization (DV) technology to drive new business initiatives.


Four Data Requirements Driving Edge Presence

Edge computing, a way to optimize cloud-computing systems by moving data processing to the network edge, is gaining in popularity, largely because it reduces communications bandwidth by performing analytics and knowledge generation at or near the data source. Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing, Denodo, discusses the four main data requirements are driving edge presence: speed, reliability of data access, rate of data generation and security.


DBTA Spotlight on Denodo

Alberto Pan, CTO at Denodo, provides a spotlight overview on the Denodo Platform to highlight the key differentiation factors over other data virtualization platforms.


Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018

The spotlight is on Denodo's data virtualization platform for DBTA’s list of Trend-Setting Products for 2018.


Data Virtualization Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2023

Data Virtualization is a simple approach to data management by allowing an application to extract and manipulate the data without even requiring the technical details about the data (old and new file location servers). This market holds some of the renowned players which are contributing a lot. Some of the key players Cisco systems (US), Red Hat Software (US), Informatica (US), Denodo Technologies Inc (US), IBM Corporation (US), Oracle Corporation (US), SAP SE (Germany), Capsenta (US), Data Virtuality (Germany), and Microsoft corporation (US).


The Role of Cloud in Overcoming the Analytics Deluge

Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo explains how most enterprise workloads are poised to run in the cloud within a year. Based on a recent survey conducted by 451 Research, the percentage of these private or public cloud workloads will increase from 41 percent to 60 percent by mid-2018.