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Denodo Makes Data Virtualization Platform Available on Microsoft Azure

Denodo has announced that its data virtualization product is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace via subscription pricing. With availability on Azure, Denodo enables new and existing customers to more quickly deploy the solution on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Denodo Broadens Cloud Offering With Support For Microsoft Azure

Denodo has announced the availability of the Denodo Platform through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with a subscription based offering. Denodo Platform on Azure enables enterprises to quickly deploy data virtualization on a flexible, pay-as-you-go basis.


Implementing a real-time catalog of enterprise data assets

"Good data governance is important not only for compliance, but also for data-driven competitive initiatives that business leaders care about," writes Suresh Chandrasekaran, senior vice president at Denodo.


How Data Virtualization Is Helping Retailers Revitalize The Customer Experience

"For the last two decades," writes Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, "retailers have been challenged to meet the needs of increasingly fickle consumers. They now expect to interact with retail brands with the same immediacy that they interact on social networks."


Data Virtualization vs. Copy Data Virtualization

Have you come across this phenomenon in the enterprise software market? When a new category gains prominence, many ancillary technologies with capabilities different from those of the original products that innovated that category, encroach into the mainstream and cause confusion. Case in point: Data Virtualization vs. Copy Data Virtualization, writes Ravi Shankar, CMO at Denodo.


Will CDP Buyers Consider Private Clouds as On-Premise Deployment?

Most Customer Data Platforms are Software as a Service products, meaning they run on servers managed by the vendor. But some clients prefer to keep their data in-house. Article by David Raab references our Denodo cloud survey.


Q&A: What's Ahead for the Data Landscape

TDWI Upside spoke with Ravi Shankar, CMO at Denodo, to learn what's ahead for the role of data integration, and how you can prepare for changes in the data landscape.


Agility remains elusive when it comes to helping CSPs remain competitive

Communications service providers (CSPs) are under constant pressure to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace, writes Lakshmi Randall, the director of product marketing at Denodo.


STAT WATCH: The Shift to "Cloud" is Nearly Complete

New cloud usage research from data virtualization provider Denodo finds that organizations are eager to adopt cloud based architectures in an effort to support their digital transformation efforts, drive efficiencies and strengthen customer satisfaction. No surprise there really, but how they are using the cloud is important to understand.


Hot Data Technologies for 2018 and How to Embrace Them

In CMO Ravi Shankar's latest article for Dataversity he questions whether innovation is becoming too overwhelming: "One of the biggest problems today is not a lack of innovation or solutions, but rather how to settle on any technology." So how do we pick one and embrace it in a meaningful way?