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Denodo Congratulates LeasePlan for Winning the IDC’s 2022

Denodo, the leader in data management, today announced that its customer LeasePlan, headquartered in the Netherlands and with business operations across the globe, has been chosen as the winner of the IDC’s 2022 European Data Strategy & Innovation Awards in the Data Management Excellence category. The winners were announced on June 9th, 2022 at the special awards ceremony as part of IDC’s 2022 European Data and Intelligence Summit in Sintra, Portugal.


Data Virtualisation Can Create New Architectural Avenues

“When decision-makers are open to the new data architectures, becoming unafraid of breaking rules that we had been subject to 10 years ago, the challenges with implementation are also reduced”, says Alexey Sidorov, Data Management Director and Chief Evangelist, Denodo.


Il cloud ibrido è il più usato, ma complica l'accesso ai dati. L'indagine di Denodo (Italian)

Secondo il rapporto di Denovo, l'adozione del cloud ibrido è più una necessità che una scelta, a causa dell'esigenza di adeguarsi alle varie normative. Ma il modello "sulla nuvola" piace e permette di abbattere i costi.


Why Data Virtualization is Critical to a Successful Decentralized Data Strategy

It is important for organizations to gain data accessibility and not just data availability. That is, dedicated users of data must be able to access the data they need at a second's notice to be competitive and effective in today’s fast moving business environment.


Data Mesh, Logical Data Fabric, and Data Virtualization

Today we are discussing Managed Services in the area of Data Virtualization using the Denodo Solution. Why should organizations have to build more data warehouses and data lakes when they can leverage off of their existing investments? Why should business leaders have to wait weeks or even months to access their data in a way that allows them to answer key questions that are time-critical to their organizations today?


Cloud Forecast: Firms Are More Mature As IT Drives Usage And Management

Email teams are at the mercy of their firms’ cloud policies.

The decision on which model to adopt is usually made by information technology (IT), and email per se ranks near the bottom of the use cases -- although data management is near the top, judging by the Denodo Global Cloud Survey Report 2022.


Most Company Data Remains in Private Data Centers: Denodo Research

Cloud databases are growing, but the majority of data remains in private data centers, according to this Denodo survey of data professionals. Security, compliance, and governance is the top barrier to cloud adoption (72%). Just 17% say they’re currently using cloud systems for data integration, analytics, and management, although another 29% are considering it.


Denodo’s Cloud Survey Finds Organizations Concerned About Managing New Cloud Systems

Denodo, a leader in data management, today released the findings of its sixth annual cloud usage survey which revealed that cloud adoption is continuing its rapid climb, with more than half (54%) of participants stating they are either at an intermediate or advanced level of cloud usage. Cloud-enabled business transformation has become a priority as organizations face global supply chain issues, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical instability. While organizations of all sizes and vertical markets are turning to the cloud to ensure flexibility and resilience in the face of these challenges, small to medium sized businesses have driven investment in cloud infrastructure services to support workload migration, data storage services, and cloud-native application development.


Denodo: la gestione dei nuovi sistemi cloud preoccupa le aziende (Italian)

La sesta ricerca annuale sull’utilizzo del cloud indica integrazione, accessibilità e diversi formati di dati tra gli ostacoli principali nel percorso per diventare un’azienda data-driven.


Pesquisa Denodo revela tendência para uso de cloud e dados nas organizações (Portuguese)

Em sua sexta Pesquisa Anual de Uso da Nuvem (Annual Cloud Survey), a Denodo revelou que a adoção de cloud pelas empresas continua em rápida ascensão, com mais da metade (54%) participantes declarando que estão em um nível intermediário ou avançado de uso dessa ferramenta.