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Our award winning data virtualization platform is regularly featured in the world's leading business and IT publications worldwide. 





Speed Is All That Matters: The Difference between Getting Ahead and Being Left Behind for Market Share

There are many factors when people make a purchase, all of which tie into how convenient that product is to them. Speed is what makes a difference there. With faster solutions, consumers have the instant gratification they want in that purchase. Data Virtualization changes the data integration market with one simple factor – it is faster; and in the simplest terms, that can be enough to change the market and completely revolutionize data integration.

Denodo Wins Best Data Virtualization Solution: Winner's Circle

Denodo provides an innovative data virtualization platform that is many years ahead of its competitors. The Denodo Platform delivers easier access to information for agile BI, big data analytics, and cloud integration. As a testament to the value of Denodo technology, hundreds of customers across five continents in more than 30 industries rely on the Denodo Platform for mission-critical projects.

Case Study: Indiana University, Data Virtualization, and The Decision Support Initiative

“We can throw Business Intelligence tools at problems and we can have really smart technicians write code but if it’s not serving the needs of the business and actually answering questions that people need to know, then ultimately, our work is futile,” said Dan Young, Chief Data Architect at Indiana University (IU). Young said that IU found a way to answer those questions for multiple schools and departments by using Data Virtualization provided by Denodo.

Asurion Honored with 2017 TDWI Best Practices Award for Enterprise Data Warehouses

Asurion, the global leader in connected life services, announced today that it was honored with a 2017 TDWI Best Practices Award in the Enterprise Data Warehouse category for developing a next-generation data architecture that can provide customers with more personalized smart tech help as well as enable the Company to develop and refine global products and services more quickly, all while adhering to the strict data privacy laws of multiple governments worldwide.

If Big Data is the New Crude, Data Virtualization is the New Refinery

Data is plentiful, but not necessarily useful in its raw, unrefined form. As with any natural resource, “crude” data must be refined before it can be harnessed for productive purposes, such as equipment maintenance, product innovation, competitive intelligence, marketing, data monetization and active health care.

When Too Much Data Gets in the Way of Decision-Making

For university leaders in need of solid information, often the problem is that they have data in too many places and in formats that aren't helpful. Indiana University's solution uses virtualized data. "Ultimately, we felt that Denodo was a very good fit for the things we would do," he recalled. "It supports a very broad range of data connectivity, and in practice we've successfully connected to all sorts of sources. Denodo does this very well."

TDWI Announces 2017 Best Practices Awards Winners

Congratulations to Denodo customers Asurion and Ultra Mobile who both won TDWI Best Practice awards. Asurion was awarded the Best in Enterprise Data Warehouses and Ultra Mobile won the Best in Emerging Technologies and Methods.

Data Preparation Should Never be the Responsibility of Business Users Alone

Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, discusses what consitutes "data preparation" in her article for Solutions Review and the best data integration platforms to use; "Examples include data integration platforms that incorporate ETL or data virtualization, Excel or dedicated tools for data preparation, data discovery, and/or self-service BI."

Big Data Fabric Can Surmount Big Data Problems

In this special guest feature, Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo – a provider of data virtualization software – reviews the 6 layers of big data fabric and its benefit in terms of agility to undergo profound transformations without impacting daily operations.

The Paradigmatic Shift of Data Fabrics: Connecting to Big Data

The notion of a data fabric encompasses several fundamental aspects of contemporary data management. It provides a singular means of data modeling, a centralized method of enforcing data governance, and an inimitable propensity for facilitating data discovery. According to Denodo Chief Marketing Officer Ravi Shankar, in a big data driven world with increasing infrastructure costs and regulatory repercussions, it has become all but necessary: “to be able to connect to the data instead of collect the data.”