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2022 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Denodo Technologies

View From the Top by Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer


Andrea Zinno di Denodo tra i protagonisti del Data Management Summit Italy (Italian)

Stiamo rivelando giorno dopo giorno tutti i professionisti che parteciperanno con le loro presentazioni all’evento più importante del Data Management. Per la prima volta un forum cerca di concentrarsi sul Data Management nella sua interezza, dalla governance, attraverso la sicurezza, il cloud, il machine learning, la virtualizzazione dei dati e molto altro. Oggi vi presentiamo Andrea Zinno che sará tra i protagonisti dell’edizione italiana del Data Management Summit che si svolgerá il 7 luglio a Roma.


Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - An update from Denodo

Today we are joined by Benjamin Henshall who is the regional vice president and general manager for Australia and New Zealand at Denodo. We last spoke with Denodo in 2020 about the company's growth in the data virtualisation space, and today Benjamin joins us to discuss the evolution of data maturity and other new updates from the company.


As cloud adoption grows, so do tech leadership roles

Cloud's focus has evolved from lift-and-shift to supporting data-driven infrastructure. According to a recent Denodo survey, "IT is no longer the 'hired hand' of business."


Privatar, Denodo partner to unite data’s context with regulatory compliance

Data privacy guardian Privitar has partnered with data virtualization stalwart Denodo to fortify the latter’s data integration and data management capabilities with Privitar’s data provisioning. The partnership addresses the sudden influx of regulations organizations are facing pertaining to data privacy.


Putting Safe Data at the Core of Data Mesh Powered by Data Virtualization

Data mesh is a hot topic, and quite possibly, one of the biggest emerging trends in data science and analytics for the year ahead. That should come as no surprise, as many enterprises are increasingly investing in their data ecosystems, and looking for ways to modernize and optimize their data architecture stacks.


BEI Gunakan Platform Denodo untuk Distribusi Data Pasar

Denodo penyedia solusi integrasi dan manajemen data, mengumumkan bahwa Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) telah memilih mereka sebagai komponen strategis arsitektur manajemen data modern, yang memungkinkan distribusi data pasar yang lebih baik dan lebih cepat.


The Evolution of Data Virtualization: From Data Integration to Data Management

Data virtualization was first introduced two decades ago. Since then, the technology has evolved considerably, and the data virtualization of yesterday bears little resemblance to the data virtualization of today. This is due to several facts beginning with the limitations of legacy infrastructure, the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that organizations were collecting, and the shift from merely integrating the data to remove silos to today’s mission of managing it so it can be used to its fullest. Let’s start with the first issue.


Denodo's Partner: Accelerate Your Data Virtualization Efforts on the Cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) with Denodo

In the digital transformation journey, as data is balanced across hybrid cloud environments, the creation of silos takes a new form. The data gets stored in different types of database management systems, many of which do not talk to each other, leading to data integration and storage challenges. Enterprises need a solution that can gather data from multiple sources and provide a single source of truth in real-time.


Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Speeds Up Market Data Delivery To Their Clients Using Denodo Platform

Denodo, the leader in data integration and management, announced that the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has chosen the Denodo Platform as a strategic component of their modern data management architecture, to enable better and faster distribution of market data to their clients.