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2021 DBTA Winners' Circle: Denodo

With the continued disruptions to the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are seeking to quickly adapt their business to the new norm—reduced revenue, budget, and staff—to stay a step ahead. Data virtualization enables companies to quickly pivot to lower-operational-cost technologies such as the cloud, while allowing their business users to continue their revenue-producing operations without interruption.

The award-winning Denodo Platform propels data virtualization to the forefront with innovations that modernize today’s data management.


Why City Furniture embraced data virtualization

With data coming from on-premises and cloud sources and spanning legacy systems, databases and even flat files, City Furniture faced problems bringing all its data together.


The Biggest Data Integration News Items During the First Half of 2021

Part of Solutions Review’s ongoing analysis of the big data marketplace includes covering the biggest data integration news stories which have the greatest impact on enterprise technologists. This is a curated list of the most important data integration news stories from the first half of 2021. 


Here are the top 3 ways how big data is empowering retail decision-making

In the past, merchandising was considered an art form, as there was no true way to measure the its results. As online sales grew, a new trend emerged, in which shoppers would do their research in the stores and then make their purchase online, after shopping around online for the best deal.


Denodo: компании переносят сложные рабочие нагрузки в облако (Russian)

Организации ускоряют освоение облачных сервисов, поскольку они обеспечивают гибкость, снижение затрат, ускорение вывода продуктов и услуг на рынок и более легкое управление данными. Компания Denodo опубликовала четвертое ежегодное исследование, посвященное использованию облаков.


Top 10 Data Fabric Software Solutions

Data fabric is an increasingly popular term in the digitally transforming world. The phrase refers to a specific architecture that aligns a set of data services and streams within your organisation.


Plataforma de virtualização Denodo facilita gestão de dados em múltiplas nuvens (Portuguese)

Para empresas que trabalham com grandes números de clientes e diferentes bases de dados, quer elas estejam em múltiplas plataformas em nuvem ou mesmo on premisses, é um desafio para as áreas de tecnologia disponibilizar os dados a serem consumidos, de forma integrada. segura e com performance, para atender os usuários das diferentes aplicações.


What Is Private Cloud Storage? Definition, Types, Examples, and Best Practices

A private cloud is defined as an on-demand cloud deployment model in which the cloud computing services and infrastructure are hosted privately within a company’s own intranet or data center using proprietary resources. This article explains the basics of private cloud storage and lists some best practices for private cloud implementation in 2021.


Top Data Virtualisation Tools and Platforms

With the competitive market of data virtualisation in recent times, companies have multiple platforms and tools to choose from. Here are our picks.


Denodo quer levar virtualização de dados para setor de telecom no Brasil (Portuguese)

A empresa espanhola Denodo quer levar o conceito de virtualização de dados para as operadoras de telecomunicações brasileiras.