Business Need

Eroski wanted to understand their customers’ in-store behavior and purchase patterns to better promote products, cross-sell, up-sell, and gain competitive advantage. The company also wanted to keep in-store employees better equipped with customer, product, and promotional information, so that they could serve their customers better with specific information tailored towards each one. 


Eroski leveraged The Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to create a master data mart for Eroski’s centralized client intelligence. The marketing team uses data from the data mart to categorize customers into appropriate market segments and serve each segment, as well as each customer, with targeted product and service offerings. As more and more modern data sources get added to the Eroski infrastructure, such as social data, next-generation transactional data, etc., Eroski does not need to re-wire the central master data repository. The data virtualization platform aggregates any variety and volume of data on the fly, creating a true 360° view of its clients.


By gaining a complete view of its customers, Eroski is now able to offer individually tailored products and services. Understanding customer behavior and purchase patterns helps Eroski to up-sell and cross-sell to its entire customer base.



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